Today, A-shares fluctuated and fell. Tomorrow, on the closing day of the monthly line, will A-shares still fall?

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Today, A-shares fluctuated and fell. Tomorrow, on the closing day of the monthly line, will A-shares still fall?

Introduction: Today, A-shares fluctuated lower. Will A-shares continue to fall on the closing day of the monthly line tomorrow?

Today, the three major A-share indices fluctuated lower, and although they rose in late trading, the market sentiment was sluggish, and it seemed to be of no avail. The A-share market still maintains a turbulent pattern. Most people can't stand it anymore. The forum is full of hostility. If there is a little bit of unsatisfactoryness, some trolls will immediately start ranting. From an emotional point of view, this is a good phenomenon. bottoming out. On the disk, energy stocks fell the worst today. Both old energy and new energy are at the forefront of the decline list, which is one of the main reasons for the decline of A shares today. I also know that many organizations are still blowing up new energy, and what is the purpose of it, so I am very afraid. The sharp drop in the new energy industry sector has no impact on me. I am currently mainly tracking the low-level industry sectors, the Metaverse, the digital economy, and technology stocks. Although technology stocks are almost now, I don’t think it matters. Because I think that A-shares fluctuate at a low level and have little impact on low-level industry sectors. When the index pulls back in place, such sectors are more likely to rise.

Today, A-shares fluctuated lower

Today, the three major indices of A-shares are in a green state all day, which is a little worse than yesterday's market , but the risk of the market is not very large, the main risks of the market mainly exist in two aspects. On the one hand, for the high-ranking stocks that are connected to the board, due to the lack of short-term long-term sentiment in the market, the relay sentiment of connecting board stocks is not high. Today, the top stocks in A-shares are basically in a state of decline, and the market's profit-making effect is very poor. This is mainly reflected in the fact that the black sesame seeds that were on the 4-joint board yesterday fell to the limit today, and there is a lack of varieties with open space in the field. In addition, Guoguang Electric's trend today is even more tragic. In the afternoon, the funds ignited and rushed to the upper limit. Who knows that it directly stabbed the hornet's nest, dived straight after hitting the daily limit, and walked out of the trend of the sky floor. On the other hand, the reason why the stocks of new energy concept stocks fell sharply today is because of the individual stocks held by institutions. Because after the disclosure of the interim reports of A-share listed companies, such varieties that have been grouped up either have no performance support, or their performance does not meet expectations. Even if the performance is good, the stock price has risen and it may be cashed at any time. I'm not saying that it is not good for institutions to form a group, but they are all at a high level, and institutions are also worried that the stock price will fall. As for the different strategies of some institutions, just look at it. If retail investors don't buy it, it will be difficult for them to sell. . Therefore, in the volatile market of A shares during this period, the market risks are mainly concentrated in the above two types of high-level industry sectors and high-level individual stocks. For low-level industry sectors and individual stocks, there is not much risk.

Will A-shares fall on the closing day of the monthly line tomorrow?

The A-share market in the past two days has been really frustrating. Indices and individual stocks have fluctuated violently during the session, causing many people to chase the ups and downs, and even get washed out of the market. Tomorrow is the last trading day of August, and it is also the last day for A-share listed companies to disclose their mid-year reports. At this point, I think A-shares will rise tomorrow. In addition, although the northbound funds in the A-shares are outflowing today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges are in a state of shrinking and falling, so the downward space of the index is limited and is not enough to form systemic risks. Taking the broader market as an example, the market has stepped back to 3199 points twice. Technically, this support is effective, that is to say, as long as the market does not fall below 3199 points, the market opportunities will still outweigh the risks. Tomorrow is also the day when the broader market will close the monthly line. The monthly level of the broader market will close on the positive line in May and June, and close on the negative line in July. At present, the monthly line level of the broader market is supported by the 60 moving average below. I expect that the monthly line of the broader market in August will close with a shrinking doji, and then A-shares are ready to meet the gold nine silver ten market. Therefore, today's A-share shrinking adjustment is not terrible. The adjustment of high-level industry sectors and individual stocks is more of an opportunity for low-level industry sectors and individual stocks. At this stage, whichever industry sector is out of the circle, whoever will be recognized by the funds, the related industry sector will also go through a long upward cycle. Do you think it is the Metaverse industry chain, or technology stocks, or food processing as the representative What about the big consumer industry? The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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