frenzied! Today, more than 4,000 A-share stocks have fallen. How to deal with it?

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frenzied! Today, more than 4,000 A-share stocks have fallen. How to deal with it?

Introduction: Crazy! Today, more than 4,000 A-share stocks have fallen. How to deal with it?

Today's A-shares can be described as maddening. The three major indexes opened lower and moved lower. More than 4,000 individual stocks on the disk fell. The market is full of money-losing effects and has been mourning. Today, the reason for the sharp drop in A shares mainly comes from the sell-off of new and old energy industry sectors, especially the new energy track. After being united by institutions, there has been a state of prosperity and loss. The ecology of the stock market is caused by these people destroy. For the new energy track, another bad news today is that Buffett has begun to reduce his holdings of BYD. Buffett has held shares in BYD for 14 years, and finally began to sell. After taking so long to start selling, it is estimated that he will never look back. It is estimated that in Buffett's investment system, BYD has met his expectations, and it is also a normal investment operation to start reducing its holdings in BYD. But I don't need to say how influential Buffett is. As soon as he sold, many traders who believed in value investing also began to counsel, causing the new energy sector to plummet. Due to the serious institutional grouping, these stocks fell, and it was normal for the index to fall sharply.

Today, more than 4,000 A-share stocks fell.

Today’s A-shares are really a bit miserable. More than 4,000 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges are green, and nearly 20 stocks appear. Limit down. The main direction of the market's sell-off is as we said in the content of our review yesterday. One is the high-end stocks with the theme of connecting the board, and the other is the track stocks that are organized by institutions. When the market sentiment is not good, it is normal for the high-level stocks of the theme of the Lianpan to sell, but the stocks of the track that are organized into groups are sold, and we have to think about it carefully. In fact, there are certain expectations for the decline of institutional holding groups. As I said in the previous article, after the disclosure of the mid-term results of the A-share listing, such stocks have adjusted expectations. Under normal circumstances, after the disclosure of the interim report, the institutions will ship the varieties that the institutions group together. During this period, regardless of how well their research reports are written, this is not necessarily a trick to ship. Today, more than 4,000 A-share stocks have fallen, and it is estimated that many people have become numb. However, this is not the most important thing at the moment. We have to consider which industry sector the funds from the track shares will flow to is the most important thing.

What should I do?

Today, the broader market fell below 3200 points, the lowest point was 3191 points, the previous support of 3199 points was broken, and the follow-up estimate is to look for support near 3155 points. At this time, many people would suggest short positions, but I don't think so. Mainly from two aspects, one is the movement of northbound funds. Today, there is no significant outflow of northbound funds, and there is no problem with the flow of foreign capital. Second, today's main force has obvious action to support the market, pulling up liquor, banking, insurance, and real estate stocks to support the market. The main force is struggling to support the market, but investors are selling in panic. This action goes against the main force. After the panic in the market is eliminated, these panic sellers may sell to the lowest point. At present, foreign capital is still relatively stable. The A50 index has a positive line, while the broader market is a negative line. In this case, it will force the heavyweight stocks to lift the index. If the subject stocks also show a coordinated rise, then the A shares will come out of the market of the Jedi counterattack. . Therefore, I think today's drop in A-shares is an opportunity. Of course, the opportunity will not be in the new energy track. In my opinion, the market opportunities are mainly concentrated in the large consumption and cultural media dominated by the food processing industry, as well as technology stocks that have been oversold. What we need to pay special attention to today is that for those varieties that rose against the trend, when the market fell sharply, it was also the time to pick stocks, and the varieties that rose against the trend would have more room for the market outlook. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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