Hong Kong Stocks Lunch Review | Hang Seng Technology Index turned up, Meituan rose more than 2%, BYD shares still fell more than 9%

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Hong Kong Stocks Lunch Review | Hang Seng Technology Index turned up, Meituan rose more than 2%, BYD shares still fell more than 9%

Futu News, August 31 | Hong Kong stocks closed down at noon, the Hang Seng Index fell 0.39%, the HSCEI fell 0.1%, and the Hang Seng Technology Index edged up 0.78% near noon, and fell more than 2% during the session. As of the noon close, Hong Kong stocks rose 616 stocks, fell 1021 stocks, and closed 1268 stocks flat. Quote source: Futu Niuniu - Opportunities - Market Hotspots - Hong Kong Stock Hotspots - Ups and Downs Distribution sectors, most of the Internet stocks rose, Meituan and Bilibili rose by more than 2%, Xiaomi rose by nearly 2%, and JD.com rose by more than 1% , Alibaba fell nearly 1%. Auto stocks fell collectively, BYD shares fell by more than 9%, Great Wall Motors and Geely Automobile fell by more than 3%, and Ideal Motors fell slightly. Coal stocks fell again, Yankuang Energy fell more than 4%, China Coal Energy fell more than 3%, Yancoal Australia fell nearly 3%, and China Shenhua fell more than 1%. Mainland property stocks and property management stocks continued to decline, Jinke Services fell by more than 13%, CIFI Yongsheng Services fell by more than 10%, and Country Garden fell by more than 6%. Some pharmaceutical stocks rose, Asymchem rose more than 3%, China Resources Pharmaceutical rose more than 2%, and CSPC rose nearly 2%. Catering stocks strengthened, Haidilao rose more than 8%, Xiabuxiabu rose more than 7%, and Naixue's tea rose more than 1%. In terms of individual stocks, BYD shares (01211.HK) fell by more than 9%, which was reduced by Warren Buffett for the first time in 14 years. The company responded: Don't over-interpret, the company's operations are normal. $ New Oriental Online (01797.HK) $ rose more than 3%, CICC said that the company's profitability has improved, and the rating of New Oriental Online was upgraded to "outperform the industry." $COSCO SHIPPING Holdings (01919.HK)$ rose slightly, rising more than 6% during the session. The company's net profit in the first half of the year increased by 74.46% year-on-year, and it is planned to distribute 20.1 yuan in 10 distributions. $ Kintor Pharmaceutical-B (09939.HK) $ was temporarily suspended, and fell more than 12% during the session. According to the news, the company plans to place the existing shares on a top-up basis at a price of HK$13.8. $ Ganfeng Lithium (01772.HK) $ fell more than 4% after the performance, the company's interim net profit increased by more than four times year-on-year, and the production and sales of lithium salts in the first half of the year were less than expected. $Yankuang Energy (01171.HK)$ continued to fall by more than 4%. Goldman Sachs expects downside risks in coal prices, which is the most unfavorable to Yankuang Energy's earnings.

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