US stock nuggets | Jiang is still old and spicy! Shares of Buffett's new favorite Occidental Petroleum hit a new high, rising more than 160% this year

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US stock nuggets | Jiang is still old and spicy! Shares of Buffett's new favorite Occidental Petroleum hit a new high, rising more than 160% this year

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1. International oil prices rose across the board overnight, and oil and gas stocks followed suit! Petrobras (PBR.US)$, Occidental Petroleum (OXY.US)$, $EQT Energy (EQT.US)$ all hit new highs. Among them, Buffett's favorite shares of Occidental Petroleum have risen by more than 160% this year, EQT Energy has risen by more than 130%, and Petrobras has risen by nearly 70%. As the most staunch commodity bulls - Goldman Sachs a few days ago again urged investors to buy commodities aggressively, the bank said that in the era of severe energy shortage, oil is the ultimate commodity, we believe that the correction of the entire oil industry provides investors with a Attractive entry point. 2. Don't be afraid of Powell's "Eagle" sound! One of the largest "landlords" in Texas, $Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL.US)$, has once again closed at a new high and has risen more than 50% this year. 3. The TV ratings monitoring giant $Nielsen (NLSN.US) $ has risen by more than 16% in the month, and its market value has exceeded the $10 billion mark. Earlier news said that the consortium will acquire the company for $10 billion. 4. The performance exceeded expectations! Pinduoduo (PDD.US)$ surged nearly 15% overnight. According to news, the company’s Q2 revenue was 31.44 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36%; adjusted net profit was 10.776 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 161%. However, regarding the performance of the second quarter, Chen Lei, chairman and CEO of Pinduoduo, said at the performance meeting that the investment in the second quarter was passively reduced due to external factors, and some promotion activities and agricultural projects were postponed. Quarterly results look better, but the long-term competitiveness of the platform may suffer as a result, especially given the current changes in the industry landscape.” 5. Uranium mining stocks have been collectively rising recently! Global uranium mine leader $Cameco (CCJ.US)$ rose more than 9% overnight, and surged nearly 30% in the past 5 days; $Uranium Energy (UEC.US)$ rose more than 14% overnight, $Energy Fuels (UUUU.US) )$ rose more than 10%, and $NexGen Energy (NXE.US)$ rose more than 8%.

I. US stocks hit a record high yesterday

  • $Occidental Petroleum (OXY.US)$
Occidental Petroleum is the fourth largest oil and gas company in the United States. Oil and gas exploration and production. Founded in 1920, Occidental Petroleum is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 11,678 full-time employees and its business scope includes the Middle East, North Africa and South America. Occidental was the best-performing stock on the S&P 500 in the first quarter of this year, helped by Buffett's continued buying and rising oil prices.
  • $EQT Energy (EQT.US)$
EQT Energy is an independent natural gas production company focused on the Marcellus and Utica shale cores in the Appalachian Basin in the eastern United States. The company is focused on executing portfolio development projects to develop multi-well platforms to meet supply needs with a focus on maximizing operational efficiency, technology and sustainability. Its major customers include marketers, utilities and industrial operators in the Appalachian Basin. The company has a reportable segment and generates revenue from three types of natural gas reserves: natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil. All of the company's operating income comes from the U.S., with most of it coming from the Marcellus shale field and gas sales.
  • $Nielsen (NLSN.US)$
Nielsen is a media and content ecosystem provider that provides audience measurement, data and analytics services. The company's data is used by its publishing clients to understand their audiences, build the value of their ad inventory, and maximize the value of their content. It operates as a complete unit – from product concept, to data collection, to technology and operations, to data sold and delivered to customers. The company's single reporting unit includes TV, radio, online and mobile audiences, as well as advertising measurement and corresponding analytics.

II. Yesterday's Top US Stocks Rising and Falling List

  • $Cameco(CCJ.US)$
Cameco Corp is one of the largest uranium producers in the world . In normal production operations, its flagship McArthur River mine in Saskatchewan accounts for about 50% of output. In recent years, in response to a weak uranium market, companies have reduced production and instead purchased from the spot market to meet contracted deliveries. In the long run, Cameco has the ability to increase annual uranium production by reopening closed mines and investing in new uranium mines. In addition to its large-scale uranium mining operations, Cameco also operates uranium conversion and production facilities. Related reading: Up 46% this year! Uranium mining giant Cameco hits 11-year high, Bank of America reiterates "buy" rating Develops and sells medicines in various therapeutic areas. Bristol-Myers Squibb's focus is on immuno-oncology, and the company is a leader in drug development. Unlike some other diversified peers, the company has exited some non-pharmaceutical businesses to focus on branded specialty drugs, which tend to support strong pricing power. Editor/somer risk reminder: The views of the authors or guests shown above have their own specific positions, and investment decisions need to be based on independent thinking. Futu will endeavour but cannot guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the above content, and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any inaccuracies or omissions.

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