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Band take off, right now

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Band take off, right now

We have found such a phenomenon that ordinary classmates either buy more sets of Ts, or sell them directly, and they cannot grasp the timing of Ts. Here we suggest that you can try the combination of indicators on my PC. Let’s look at a few cases first: Real As can be seen from the case, the pressure support line and the BS reference point are superimposed on the simple K-line chart, which divides the chaotic K-line movement into several intervals, which is convenient for us to trade at the right time, and realizes one fish to eat more or rolling. If you hold the main Shenglang stocks, how to use such indicators in actual combat? First of all, you must learn how to call technical indicators. In the K-line chart interface of individual stocks, we continuously select the parabolic inflection point and the dragon and the phoenix, so that the two indicators can be superimposed on the trend of individual stocks to provide a reference for the signal; it can be noticed that the K-line In the background of the picture, there are hints of BS point, support line and pressure line. Here we can understand that BS point is the starting point of concern, while support and pressure are only for reference and serve as tips for adding and reducing positions. Next, when we find that a stock appears at point B to prompt attention, we can first establish a bottom position, do not buy it all at once, and plan the next operation rhythm according to the fluctuation range given by pressure and support; When the position is on the line, you can add additional investment in batches, and leave the cost area. When hitting the pressure level, reduce the position appropriately to lock in profits, until the S point prompts you to take profit, and then leave the market completely; after such a rolling operation of high selling and low suction , the stock holding mentality and operation rhythm can be more in line with the market, and there will be no extreme scenarios such as full warehouse entry and exit. With these two indicators, is it invincible? It also needs to be emphasized here that technical indicators are not omnipotent. They are processed through big data systems and abstractly summarized according to past historical trends; it can only be said to provide A more probable fluctuation direction is not that it will not fall when it reaches the support, and that it cannot break through when the pressure is reached. It may be that the profit has just been stopped according to the prompt. As a result, the stock has been continuously rising by the limit and successfully sold. Although it is good to make a profit, it is also a kind of miss. ; On the other hand, we can use the support level as a stop-loss line. When it really falls below the support prompt level, we should also control the risk and retreat in time, so that we can play the positive fluctuations under the condition of limited losses. In short, we must correctly view the function of the indicator, for reference only. Alright, that's it for today's combination technique, let's end the get out of class

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