Wide shock? A shares, market forecast on Wednesday

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Wide shock? A shares, market forecast on Wednesday

In August, Wednesday is the last trading day. In the final battle, will A shares turn red? Whether the performance is good or bad, it must be disclosed. The market has a limit-down vote, but few of them have a limit-down because of a sharp decline in performance. Even if 17 stocks fell by the limit on Tuesday, none of them was due to performance alone, but the ebb of speculative sentiment.

Wide shock?

In September, the market will have a new main line, but this main line is only a temporary transition, so the market is very delicate. Because of the influence of the double festival, the trading days are not continuous, and a wave of attacks is organized, which is easy to break, but it is impossible to make the market stagnant. There is a high probability that it will enter the transition of consumer stocks in the short term. Just like the market in June, the rise of new energy vehicles, batteries, and lithium mines is weak, and it is temporarily inconvenient for electricity to make up for the rise. Closer to home, the market on Wednesday is likely to fluctuate widely, because the attitude of northbound funds is not clear enough now, and they want to leave the market, but they don’t want to leave the market. Securities do not need to support the market, and they do not want to rise when they rise. There is no direction for now, but in September, especially at the beginning of the month, I still expect to stand at 3300 points. The market on Wednesday is not important. The core is the market on September 1.

A shares, market forecast on Wednesday

Personal opinion, there is a high probability that Wednesday will be another volatile trading day, and it will be higher Fall back, bottom out and it will rise. It is more suitable for rolling to do T. In fact, the best way to participate in July and August is to roll half a warehouse, which does not require everyone’s approval. In terms of industries, consumer stocks will still have performance. Whether it is medicine or liquor, they are the main gifts given to retail investors in August, a beautiful golden pit. However, as for whether to participate, it depends on the personal cognitive logic. If you don't like it, don't participate. Be in an industry that you are familiar with. There is no good or bad, only the cycle, only the rhythm! In the early trading on Wednesday, the inflow of northbound funds determines the direction of the market. If they return and continue to increase their positions in consumer stocks, then the index can turn red. In semiconductors, a fall is an opportunity, and it is also a rare opportunity to build a position. Repeated steps back are opportunities again and again. The nature of semiconductor determines that it must have a market in the future, which is the light of technology. BYD has a negative, that is, Buffett began to reduce his holdings. On August 24, he sold 1.33 million shares in one breath. According to his trading style, he would either keep holding it. The days will be in the shadow of the reduction. The dilemma that BYD encounters in increasing revenue without increasing profits, like batteries and photovoltaics, the real profit point lies in upstream raw materials, even the raw materials for the shell of Shengsheng automobiles, aluminum, steel, paint, plastics and other resources, which are better than those of these processing plants. high profits.

Final summary

Don't be afraid of shocks, be patient and suck low. When you have a bottom position, operate patiently and don't easily fill your position. Unless there is a pit like at the beginning of the year, you must leave a fault tolerance rate for yourself. If there is no bottom position, I wait patiently for the golden pit. In fact, Xiaofan has already found the first medicine to open a position, and maybe he will make the second one next month. After waiting for nearly a year, he finally returned to the position he wanted. Only if the valuation is reasonable, I will buy low, otherwise I will wait patiently, the principal is only once, and it must be protected at all times. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Looking forward to your likes, attention, and comments... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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