A signal is coming, A shares, the end of "rebalancing and swapping shares" is coming?

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A signal is coming, A shares, the end of "rebalancing and swapping shares" is coming?

In August, there is still the last trading day, which is also the last day for the interim report to disclose. "Ugly daughters-in-law also need to see their parents-in-law." No matter whether the performance is good or bad, it must be disclosed. The main force uses this mid-year report time window to adjust positions and exchange shares, which is also the end of the market style switch. In recent years, the rhythm of A-shares has become more and more clear. At the beginning of the year, we used the annual report disclosure period to change positions and exchange stocks, and switch between high and low levels. High prosperity, short-term speculation to high stocks, the performance of the substantial growth is good, after the disclosure, the stock price will open high and go low!

A signal is coming

Some industries are fluctuating at a high level, Xiaofan's point of view is very clear, you can chase the rise, but you need to be clear What are you doing? Expert-level participation in the market, I believe there are many experts, but I do not think it is suitable for everyone. Most people haven't even realized the return. I hope everyone can realize some of their own trading systems in my original articles, and return to the original as soon as possible. On the disk, coal, gas, batteries, energy storage, and green power are pulling back. Don’t get excited because they are rising. Game at high levels. The rising is not the logic of chasing the rising. I really like to participate. participate in these. Coal also shared that last week's profit was stopped. I only need this profit within the scope of my understanding. It is harmless to use a small warehouse to occasionally do some entertainment. Consumption and finance have not smashed the market, so the index is very beautiful, but the decline of stocks is not reflected in the broader market index, and many stocks have fallen sharply. In particular, there was a surge in securities in the afternoon. There was no sincerity, and there was no increase in trading volume. It was just a pulse. This signal is very important, indicating that the main funds do not want to fall, and the support is only for more convenient shipments, and it does not mean an immediate rebound. The shrinking volume of transactions should also be 850 billion yuan today. If there is no trading volume, I don’t expect any market situation. It is just repeated shocks, and half of the warehouse is rolled. There is no need to keep an eye on the market.

A-shares, the end of "rebalancing and swapping" is coming?

Crossing Chencang secretly! The main force is changing positions and shares, and it is coming to an end, and a new main line will surface in September. Just pay attention to the flow of foreign capital, which industries are flowing in, history will repeat itself, and after the new energy track shuts down, it is consumption that can undertake funds, as well as some technology stocks, such as semiconductors, Metaverse and other technology concept stocks. I still don’t think securities are suitable for everyone. This requires operation, and experienced and old investors can participate. I don’t want to join in the fun. For raising the index, I believe in liquor and new energy. Undervalued industries began to rebound, and education and real estate also rose. Personal style, always focus on the undervalued industry. Even if the position does not rise, you will have no loss of principal. As soon as it rises, it will be a profit. Don’t change shares frequently. I like to lurch at a low level. Satisfied. Of course, there are two kinds of so-called underestimation, one is called absolute underestimation, such as real estate, education, banking, medicine and so on. One is called relative underestimation. For new energy and liquor, from a financial point of view, the valuation is actually reasonable, with a score of 75 out of 100.

Final summary

There is no fear in the market. This position is to change positions and stocks. We small retail investors do not need to think so much, and even Trying to guess the short-term trend of the index in vain, but to take advantage of the trend, make arrangements for the last three months of the end of the year, and wait for the flowers to bloom. Stock trading is sometimes very simple. The main thing is to hold your hands and be patient. Usually I have nothing to practice my temperament. I am very patient. I went fishing at noon, sat for more than two hours, and came back empty-handed. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Looking forward to your likes, attention, and comments... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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