A shares rose against the market, there are three bright spots, tomorrow, stock market analysis

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A shares rose against the market, there are three bright spots, tomorrow, stock market analysis

Introduction: A shares rose against the market, there are three bright spots, tomorrow, stock market analysis

Last Friday, European and American stock markets fell sharply It also made A-share investors have a panicky weekend. Suppressed by the negative sentiment, A shares opened sharply lower today, dropping to 3199 points at one point. However, A-shares were able to toughen up during the session, rebounded from the bottom, and rose against the market. I don’t know if you have noticed that the lowest point of the market today is 3199 points, which is also the lowest point of the four largest markets last week. This means that the market is near 3200 points, and the bulls of the market will resist. If you step back to this position, it is easy to pull. Lift. However, it must be noted that the 3199 points of the broader market cannot continue to step back. If there is another step back, the support of 3199 points will become weaker, and the broader market still has room to fall. Therefore, as long as the market remains above 3,200 this week, it will be considered safe. I think A-shares can do this this week, and there is no need to worry about another sharp drop.

A shares rose against the market, there are three major highlights

Today, A shares are rising against the market, and the external stock markets are basically adjusting. Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index fell 0.8%, and the Nikkei fell 2.66%. The Asia-Pacific stock markets were basically in a green state, and only the Shanghai Composite Index of A shares closed in red. Today, there are three bright spots in the contrarian rise of A shares. First, A-shares bottomed out and rebounded, and the Shanghai Composite Index was still able to stay above the rising trend line. At the same time, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index and the ChiNext Index can also remain above the half-year line, indicating that the three major indexes have the main force to support the market near the key moving average and support level. Second, in terms of capital, northbound funds have re-entered the inflow state, indicating that northbound funds continue to be optimistic about the market outlook of A shares. I have to say that since the beginning of this month, the northbound funds I have seen have basically flowed in near the 3200 point of the broader market, so don’t be short on A shares at this position. Third, emotionally, there is no panic in the market. Stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen did not fall in large numbers because of the sharp drop in the external stock market. Instead, individual stocks rose more and fell less, and stocks with daily limit showed a good premium and There have been continuous daily limit stocks, and the market sentiment is picking up, which is a good phenomenon. Based on the above three phenomena, although the Fed's hawkish speech led to the opening of A-shares, it did not change the strength of A-shares themselves. After digesting the bearishness of the slump in the external stock market, A shares will return to their own operating state, and the market should not be overly bearish near 3200 points.

Tomorrow, stock market analysis

Today, A shares can rise against the trend, and we should have more confidence in A shares. Today, A-shares digested the negative side of the slump in the peripheral stock market and have eliminated a hidden danger. Next, I would like to tell you a piece of good news. The semi-annual report disclosure of A-shares is coming to an end, and the negative performance of listed companies will be gradually released, and A-shares are expected to gradually stabilize. Technically, the market closed in red, and the market index was also above the trend line, which was still a strong trend. However, today's rebound in A shares is shrinking, and it is still not suitable for chasing high tomorrow. If you step back near the trend line or a good opportunity to intervene in the broader market tomorrow, the trend line of the broader market is the low-key connection between the end of April and the beginning of August, and the approximate position is around 3235 points. In addition, there is no clear mainline industry sector for the rebound of A-shares today, and all low-level sectors are dominated by rotation. Therefore, in terms of operation, the industry sectors that are stagnant at a low level or sectors that have been adjusted how much have been adjusted are the main sectors, and the oversold stocks can still win the opportunity to rebound. In any case, judging from the trend of A-shares today, the market is safe. I think there will be certain opportunities for the low-level consumption of food processing and technology stocks that have been retreating for more than a week. The current position of the large industry sectors is too high for further buying. If investors are impatient in operation, I think it will be more comfortable to choose a few low-priced concept stocks in the food processing sector. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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