The general market is rising, is A-share shipping or is it a wash?

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The general market is rising, is A-share shipping or is it a wash?

Stocks, panic is because of our fear of the unknown. The outer market fell sharply and fell sharply. This kind of dishwashing trick that is not difficult to see through has become an endless pain in our stock market. The inflow of northbound funds and the pressure of heavyweight stocks indicate that there is no panic in the funds, and only investors are panicking.

Generally rising market

If you dare to fall, you dare to buy low, instead of cutting meat. The premise is that your position management is done well, and your position is full. Falling, Xiaofan can't keep his mind calm. At the beginning of the year, I was also very tormented. Since I was wrong, I could only grit my teeth and stick to it. But I won't make the same mistake twice in a year. In August, I suffered too much ridicule. The analysts who guessed the ups and downs this month did not have a 50% win rate, because the market was a shock that did not rise or fall. The whole of August is almost over. I always say that the shock has no direction. Warehouse rolling, is there a problem with this strategy? About 3,000 stocks rose, weighted indexes fell, why? Because liquor and finance are still under pressure, this market is a bit worth looking forward to. The index has turned red, and it is just the credit of resource stocks. I underestimated coal. Not only coal, but also steel, which is already an entertainment bureau, and the position is very light. Resource stocks, I think there is still a market situation. After the resource stocks are finished, it will be the turn of consumer stocks. This rhythm is likely to be correct. History will repeat itself, and it was also last year. The market over the years is actually very simple, but everyone is complicated. It is not new energy, resource stocks, and then consumer stocks. You can participate in them.

A shares are sold, or are they trading?

This position, a highly valued industry, will not miss any opportunity to ship, and the benefits will keep going. Even if it falls sharply, it will rebound, because the main force has a huge profit in it. The high-level fluctuations are more severe, and it is suitable for experts to participate. Ordinary shareholders should not join in the fun. Like me, admit that you are mediocre and do things within your ability. Liquor continues to wash dishes, medicine is on the verge of bottoming out, if you suck at a low level, medicine will be given priority. Among medicines, the most promising ones are traditional Chinese medicine and medical treatment. Liquor may still dig pits. This is just an expectation. In fact, it is all in the bottom area, and warehouses can be built in batches. The direction is very clear. Resource stocks and consumer stocks are all in the direction of funding. Although they are at a low level, it does not mean an immediate rebound. It may take a month or three months. If you are impatient, don’t participate. Good things are worth waiting for. The time is to wait, there is no secret. To sum up: some industries need to ship, and some industries need to accumulate funds. The industry rotates and grasps it by itself. It does not mean that the high-end industries have no opportunities. High-level games are more suitable for short-term, accelerated peaking, and can generate very considerable profits, but the premise is that you can.

Final summary

No fear of ups and downs, the expectations for the weekend have been fulfilled, first fell and then rose, the point of view is very clear once, do not Besides, Xiaofan is never right. If I can't guess once, then I'm also a fairy, just do it in reverse. Although I often guess wrong, but the general direction is still correct with a high probability, and I myself rely on the general direction to make profits. In anticipation of volatility and sideways, I rolled half of my positions. This was the case in July and August. In July, the main wave fell, and I lost a little bit. In August, the sideways volatility, and I had floating position operating income. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Looking forward to your likes, attention, and comments... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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