Hong Kong Stocks Lunch Commentary | The three major indexes showed a V-shaped trend, the Hang Seng Index once fell by more than 3%, and New Oriental Online bucked the market and rose by more than 18%

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Hong Kong Stocks Lunch Commentary | The three major indexes showed a V-shaped trend, the Hang Seng Index once fell by more than 3%, and New Oriental Online bucked the market and rose by more than 18%

Futu News, August 30 | The three major indexes of Hong Kong stocks showed a volatile trend, and the decline narrowed. The Hang Seng Index fell by 0.9% at noon, the Hang Seng Index fell by 1.74%, and the China Enterprises Index fell by 1.04%. As of the noon close, Hong Kong stocks rose 515, fell 1047, and closed flat at 1342. Quote source: Futu Niuniu - Opportunities - Market Hotspots - Hong Kong Stock Hotspots - Ups and Downs Distribution In terms of sectors, Scinet stocks were among the top losers, Kuaishou fell by nearly 6%, Bilibili fell by nearly 3%, and Meituan fell by nearly 2%. Tencent fell more than 1%, Baidu fell more than 1%, Alibaba fell 1%, and NetEase fell more than 1%. Coal stocks pulled back. Yankuang Energy fell by nearly 7%, China Coal Energy fell by more than 5%, Shougang Resources fell by more than 4%, China Shenhua fell by more than 3%, and Yancoal Australia fell by more than 1%. Pharmaceutical stocks continued to fall, BeiGene fell more than 5%, CanSino Bio fell more than 4%, WuXi Biologics fell nearly 3%, Tigermed fell nearly 3%, and WuXi AppTec fell more than 2%. Apple concept stocks generally fell, Sunny Optical Technology fell more than 2%, BYD Electronics fell nearly 1%, Cowell Electronics fell more than 1%, and AAC Technology fell 0.28%. Semiconductor stocks fell, Hua Hong Semiconductor fell nearly 3%, Shanghai Fudan fell more than 2%, Hongguang Semiconductor fell more than 2%, and SMIC fell 0.13%. Education stocks strengthened, New Oriental Online rose more than 18%, New Oriental-S rose more than 3%, China Education Holdings rose more than 2%, and Tianli International Holdings rose more than 1%. In terms of individual stocks, New Oriental Online (01797.HK) rose more than 18%. In the news, Yin Qiang, executive director and CFO of New Oriental Online, said in the performance conference call that the GMV of Oriental selection should be around 2 billion yuan in the past three months, and the profit margin is much higher than that of pure live streaming or MCN companies. $ Yankuang Energy (01171.HK) $ rose nearly 7%. According to CITIC Futures, the daily consumption of thermal coal decreases seasonally as the temperature drops, and the sluggish industrial electricity consumption leads to a lack of stamina for electricity consumption, while non-electricity demand remains relatively weak, and coal demand is expected to cool down. $Poly Property (06049.HK)$ rose more than 7%. In the news, the company released its interim results on the evening of the 29th. In the first half of the year, it achieved revenue of 6.449 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.16%. The overall gross profit margin remained stable, slightly increasing from 20.02% to 20.23%. $COSCO SHIPPING Holdings (01919.HK)$ rose more than 3%. The latest data shows that on August 28, the country's freight logistics was operating in an orderly manner, and the container throughput of monitored ports increased by 4.3% month-on-month. The Morgan Stanley Research Report lowered the rating of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings from "overweight" to "in line with the market", predicting that freight rates will return to normal in the next one to two years. $ BYD Electronics (00285.HK) $ fell nearly 1%. In terms of news, the company released its mid-term report on the evening of the 29th, achieving a year-on-year decrease of 1.88% in revenue, a year-on-year decrease of 61.43% in profit attributable to the parent, and a decline in gross profit margin from 6.87% to 5.33%. The company said that under the influence of multiple factors, the overall capacity utilization rate of the group in the first half of the year was low, which brought greater pressure to profitability.

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