Here comes the bad news! The outflow of northbound funds is nearly 6 billion. Is A-shares brewing to fall?

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Here comes the bad news! The outflow of northbound funds is nearly 6 billion. Is A-shares brewing to fall?

In early trading, the index rose slightly and then fell, and stocks generally fell, with about 3,000 stocks falling. The rhythm of the industry's rotation has accelerated, and the one-day parade situation has reappeared. Stock trading is not complicated at all. The core is your own stock holding rhythm. In the same market, some people are excited and some people panic. On the one hand, it comes from the management of positions. Of course, short positions hope to fall, and full positions hope to rise, but the market has its own rhythm, neither sad nor happy. On the other hand, it is the attitude towards ups and downs. Some people are concerned about short-term fluctuations, while others only care about the results.

Bad news! The northbound capital outflow is nearly 6 billion

The bad news is that the northbound capital has flowed out sharply in the early trading. I just glanced at it, and it is close to 6 billion. The index decline is limited, indicating that there are funds in the pipeline, and more are just adjusting positions Swapping shares, not smashing the market. With this kind of small fluctuation, there are friends who have to worry about guessing the right and wrong of the ups and downs. I really don’t understand. The original intention of everyone coming to the market is to make profits, not guessing! The direction is right. You care about short-term fluctuations. You should be interested in making profits, but not in trading, operations, or tracking the market. On the disk, coal, gas, energy storage, electricity, etc. fell sharply. Metaverse and technology stocks rose. Consumption and finance all performed well. This is also the core reason for the limited decline in the index. Whether it is finance or consumption, they are all reasonably valued, not 6124 points or 5178 points. The market will switch high and low, and change in September. The purpose of digging the pit in August is to adjust the position of funds. At present, it still owes a little decline, but it is almost the same. Many leading pharmaceutical stocks have fallen to the position of 2863 points at the beginning of the year. Food and beverages, tourist hotels, and home appliances are also returning to below 3,000 points. There is a large outflow of northbound funds, and there is no need to over-interpret them. They hold several trillions of positions and outflow billions. They have no essential impact, just adjusting positions. They will return as soon as this week. .

A shares, are they brewing to fall?

There is a high probability that the market index will not fall sharply, but the industry will! Always focus only on industry rotation, which is the rebound of the industry, not the market composite index, which has nothing to do with yourself. Even the weighted index is inconsistent with the trend of the small and medium-sized index, not to mention the industry? Structural market, do not want to admit these, then continue to toss. In September, consumption will rebound, and finance will also have opportunities. If an industry rebounds, there must be a decline in the industry, and the transaction volume cannot exceed 2 trillion. The game of stock funds, seesaws, and promotion of an industry, you need to come out of another industry first. In August, it is the process of adjusting the warehouse. Don't trust Xiaofan, it doesn't make sense to me. Stock trading is my own business, my profit and loss, my principal, will be protected by myself, there is no savior, only by myself. Trade according to objective rules, buy low and sell high. I am only interested when I fall. If I don’t fall, I have no fun. If it rises, I miss it. Resource stocks, as well as local market conditions, will also catch up in September.

Final summary

In early trading, the decline was affected by the diving of Hong Kong stocks. With the rebound of Hong Kong stocks, A shares can also rebound. The core is still Industry rhythm. Now I try to talk more about industry rotation, the objective law of low-sucking potential, and less about the market index, volatile market, the index has no direction, and August is almost over. View. Pay less attention to the disk, this kind of decline should not be ignored. Because the market cannot fall, if there is an irrational fall, it will only result in a retaliatory rebound by the bulls. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Looking forward to your likes, attention, and comments... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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