An important data sharing, open higher tomorrow? A shares, market forecast on Tuesday

time:2022-09-29 13:59:23 author:Individual stock analysis
An important data sharing, open higher tomorrow? A shares, market forecast on Tuesday

Bottoming out, Monday's move exceeded many expectations. Because of the decline in the periphery, all the Asia-Pacific markets opened at the bottom when the market opened. In this environment, A shares rose in the opposite direction. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.14%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.34%, and the ChiNext Index fell 0.37%. The trading volume shrank rapidly, about 4,000 stocks fell in early trading, and about 3,000 stocks rose in late trading.

Open tomorrow?

The trading volume is only about 8500 points. This data is very important. It shows that there are almost no people who dare to buy dips in the early trading. The more the decline, the more panic, the data will not lie, not only retail investors, but also institutional practitioners. On the disk, photovoltaics and wind power rebounded again, fluctuating at high levels. Even if they are in a downward trend, there will be a rebound. Even if it is a triple top, the right shoulder will have a backlash. It is not surprising. Whether you participate depends on your personal trading style. Chasing up, so do not participate. At the end of June, I can share that everyone absorbs green electricity at a low level, and new energy sources will be switched internally. Stop staring at the car and the battery. If it really rebounds, I won't talk about it. Over the weekend, the good news of photovoltaics and wind power outside the market kept coming out, and the main force will be sorry if it does not rebound. The short-term trend of the market determines the direction or funds, not predictions. In this position, funds are changing positions and stocks. Only when they are raised can they leave the market. At the same time, they need to be smashed to accumulate funds. Their rebound is not surprising at all. Last year was also this kind of shock for nearly two months. Tomorrow's market is likely to open higher, and the late trading action is worth paying attention to. After the close, I went fishing, and I did not review the market. I just glanced at it briefly, a lot of chips, and funds are flowing in late trading. In terms of industries, the soaring photovoltaics and wind power may directly pull back, while food and beverages may rebound. The volatile market is especially prone to one-day tours, and incremental funds are needed for continuous growth, which the market obviously does not have. The opening of the market was the protection of liquor, and later in order to boost photovoltaics and wind power, liquor and securities were all smashed, and the few remaining resources were given to them.

A shares, market forecast on Tuesday

Personal opinion, the market on Tuesday is worth looking forward to, this position has returned to the rhythm of May, and the more US stocks fall, The more we rebound, the real rise does not require the approval of retail investors. The more they panic, the more anti-human the market will be. When the U.S. stock market rebounds, we will trade sideways or fall. Once they have a falling wave, no one dares to participate in the market. The shrinking volume is an objective fact, and the main force will rise instead. At this time, everyone will not chase. There is no profit-making market with floating chips. People who do not know how to sell, especially suitable for rebound. When most people dare to chase the rally, the rebound may come to an abrupt end. This is the rule of the market, and it is also human nature. Friends who understand psychology can easily understand it. To sum up: the market is at two extremes. Those who dare not chase the upside, pull up until you dare to chase up the upside. For example, the high level fluctuates, either a big rise or a big fall. It completely stimulates your gaming emotions and wants to be a Short-term spread, the last set of growth lines. The stocks you hold will fall until you cut the meat.

Final summary

The best strategy for most people is to suck low, then ignore the market and wait for the flowers to bloom. Do two trends in a year. A blue-chip stock on a popular track will be undervalued across all positions. For small funds, it is easy to generate more than 50% of the income. Xiaofan will not hold a heavy position in a certain stock because of the size of the funds. There is no fear of adjustment. Although the A shares in this position are full of uncertainties, we rolled half the position, moved in and out freely, opened sharply lower, and the return was higher than that of the full position, with a few points in the day. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Looking forward to your likes, attention, and comments... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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