The concept of combustible ice: contrarian explosion! 4 major "combustible ice" potential stocks that benefit from the core

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The concept of combustible ice: contrarian explosion! 4 major "combustible ice" potential stocks that benefit from the core

Who else?

In the A-share market, the "stock king" is Kweichow Moutai, and the "Ningwang" is the Ningde era. Recently, BYD's market value exceeded one trillion yuan and was called "Biwang". After the share price of Tongwei, the leader in photovoltaic silicon materials, rose sharply Also known as "Silicon King", Yuntianhua, which masters phosphate rock resources, was called "Phosphorus King" last year. The King of Stocks, King of Ning, King of Bi, King of Silicon, King of Phosphorus, each "king" is a representative of a track, and is the leader of a subdivided track. Apart from these "kings", there are many "kings" in A-shares. ".

What is the concept of "combustible ice"

In 2011, special research on combustible ice was initiated. The concept of ice will become a new blue ocean for new energy speculation in the future, directly replacing the concept of shale gas and forming a big rally in the stock market. On March 12, 2013, Japan announced that the combustible ice was separated and methane gas was extracted. Then the Ministry of Land and Resources announced at the press conference on the exploration results of natural gas hydrate in the sea area in 2013: From June to September 2013, Chinese marine geological scientists drilled natural gas samples for the first time in the eastern waters of the Pearl River Estuary along the coast of Guangdong. In the A-share market, the concept of combustible ice was formed, and the market rose sharply, entering the vision of investors. Under the same conditions, the energy produced by combustible ice is dozens of times higher than that of coal, oil, and natural gas, and there is no exhaust gas and waste residue. Using 1000 years, in the long run, combustible ice is promising to replace traditional energy sources, but the mining technology of combustible ice still needs further development. Now the concept stock that mainly benefits from combustible ice concept is the oil service mining sector. Without further ado, let's take a look at a few "combustible ice" concept stocks

The first stock: HBP (002554)< /h1>Total market value: 6.478 billion, price-earnings ratio (dynamic): 40.27, core concept: combustible ice, natural gas and services, development and utilization of oil and gas resources. The innovative process plan and the technical strength to meet the individual needs in an all-round way have enabled the company's products to occupy a higher level of market competition, obtain higher technical added value, and establish the company's competitive position in the industry. Main business: oil and gas engineering and services (EPCC), environmental engineering and services, development and utilization of oil and gas resources.

Second stock: Jerry (002353)

Total market value: 42.331 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 21.54, core Concept: Combustible Ice, Natural Gas Company Profile: Yantai Jereh Petroleum Service Group Co., Ltd.'s main business is oil and gas field equipment and technical engineering services. The main products are oil and gas equipment manufacturing and technical services, maintenance and reconstruction and trade accessories, and environmental protection services. Main business: oil and gas field equipment, technical engineering services and oil field development.

The third stock: Bomaike (603727)

Total market value: 4.045 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 39.91, core Concept: Combustible ice, Sino-Russian trade concept Company profile: Bomaike Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.'s main business is for high-end customers in the domestic and international markets, focusing on natural gas liquefaction, offshore oil and gas development, mining and other industries, providing them with Dedicated modular integrated design and build services. The company's main product types are divided into offshore oil and gas development modules, mining mining modules, natural gas liquefaction modules, etc. The products involve more than ten sub-categories. The company has a strong technical research and development team. In July 2021, the company successfully completed the three-year certificate renewal audit of ISO9001:2015. At the same time, during the reporting period, the company has also completed the 2021 ISO14001, ISO45001 system internal audit and system revision and upgrade; completed the CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) semi-annual audit; completed CPREN1090EXC4 (the highest level of harmonized standards for EU construction products regulations) Qualification certificate and ISO3834 (quality requirements for fusion welding of metal materials) qualification certificate annual review; completed ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) system ASMEU (pressure vessel), ASMES (power boiler) qualification certificate renewal review and ASMEPP (power piping) Added qualification certification. The above system optimization work has consolidated and strengthened the company's manufacturing capacity and safety and quality management level. Main business: Focus on high-end customers in natural gas liquefaction, offshore oil and gas development, mining and other industries, and provide them with integrated design and construction services for special modules.

The fourth stock: COOEC (600583)

Total market value: 20.78 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 21.60, core Concept: Combustible Ice, One Belt One Road Company Profile: Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.'s main business is to provide professional engineering and technical services such as design, onshore manufacturing, offshore installation, commissioning, and maintenance for the development of offshore oil and gas resources. The company's products include offshore oil and natural gas. The company has successively provided high-quality services to major international customers such as CNOOC, Total, BP, Shell, etc. The business scope covers all sea areas in China, and has successfully carried out construction operations in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other sea areas for many times. The company has more than 20 projects in China. Scientific and technological progress awards at various levels, among which the general contracted Yacheng 13-1 gas field land terminal Nanshan gas treatment plant project won the "Luban Award", the highest construction quality award in China. , commissioning, maintenance and other professional engineering and technical services.


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