A shares, there are two problems, how to break the game?

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A shares, there are two problems, how to break the game?

Introduction: A shares, there are two problems, how to break the game?

Today, the three major A-share indexes opened higher and then fell back, and the overall profit-making effect of the early market market was not very good. On the whole, the broader market has shrunk and increased, and many industry sectors have risen in early trading, such as lithium mining, power battery recycling, tourism, liquor, etc., but they are all in a state of high and falling, and the continuous rise of industry sectors insufficient. On the disk, industry sectors such as hotels and catering, small metals, and power battery recycling are among the top gainers; oil and gas, coal, gas and other sectors are among the top losers; Investors have been trapped again, which is really too difficult for shareholders. In the past month, the market style of A-shares has been like this. The market is dominated by sector rotation, and there is no clear mainline industry sector to continuously lead the market. This is one of the reasons why A-shares are more difficult to operate this month.

A shares, but there are two problems

Although A shares rose in early trading, they also developed in a good direction, but if you want to rise sharply, you can do this in early trading. It is difficult to break the situation on the disk. Now there are two main problems in A shares. Question 1: It is the problem of the unsustainable rotation of industry sectors that we are talking about. Many sectors of the industry have risen and fallen during the session, resulting in the lack of synergy of funds in the market, and it is difficult for them to rise sharply. Question 2: The sentiment of individual stocks is slightly sluggish, as we can see from the performance of even board stocks. In the early trading, there were no stocks with more than three consecutive boards, and the connecting board space of individual stocks was suppressed below 2 daily limit boards. In this case, short-term funds do not dare to aggressively relay, resulting in a relatively sluggish long-term sentiment on the disk. The above two problems are the main problems of A-shares at present. Only when these two problems are solved can A-shares have a chance to rise sharply. Otherwise, the market will remain volatile and even dive.

How to break the game?

The current A-share conflicts are quite large and full of differences, causing many people to have no direction. However, I would like to tell you two good phenomena. One is the 60-minute trend chart of the broader market. The market index has stood on the 60-minute moving average today, indicating that the market still has a certain ability to rise; There is no need to worry about a big drop in this position. Right now, how to break the A-share market is the main problem. In fact, it is very simple for A shares to break the current situation, that is, to create a market environment with profitable effect. If you want to spend a small amount of money, you can pull up popular leading varieties; if you want to spend a lot of money If so, just choose a plate with a strong linkage with the broader market to pull up. Needless to say, the popularity leader of the current market does not need to be mentioned. For the sectors with strong linkage with the broader market, in addition to the financial sectors such as securities, banking, and insurance, the linkage between the technology sector and the broader market in the early stage is also relatively strong. I believe that the technology sector can not only drive the index, but also drive the bullish sentiment on the disk. The reason why I have been tracking technology stocks is because when the market started to trend upwards this month, technology stocks were the main force for long positions. The broader market has returned to the position started on August 5, and it just so happens that technology stocks have also returned to the position started on August 5. The two are related. Therefore, only technology stocks have the opportunity to rise sharply. Otherwise, parents do not know. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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