Today, A shares bottomed out and rebounded. Is it an opportunity to buy low?

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Today, A shares bottomed out and rebounded. Is it an opportunity to buy low?

Introduction: Today, A-shares have bottomed out and rebounded. Is it an opportunity to buy low?

Today, the three major A-share indexes collectively opened higher, but the whole disk sentiment was affected by yesterday's sharp drop, and there was no trend of opening higher and moving higher, but opening higher and falling, and then bottoming out and rising. On the disk, there are still nearly 3,000 stocks falling, which really spread the "cold" to everyone. Last night, the news released positive news, and important meetings have the will to stabilize the economic market. However, A-shares continued the panic of yesterday and carried out inertial release. The market once stepped back near 3200 points. In addition to the rest of northbound funds, domestic funds seemed to be unable to play any tricks. The main funds raised securities stocks and died. However, after the panic in the market is released, the market will return to its own running track. Usually, there will be one or two trading days of anti-pumping, which may be a low-pumping opportunity.

Today, A shares bottomed out and rebounded

Today's A shares are a trading day for sentiment recovery, which we can see from the trend of the broader market. After the market opened higher, it carried out inertial sell-off, stepped back near 3200 points, and then oscillated higher, followed a trend of bottoming out and rebounding. Although it is not friendly, this trend can wash out the panic in the market, which will have a favorable impact on the back pumping in the later stage. For today's A-share market, many investors are still worried that A-shares will fall. Although the major meeting released good news, the scars of yesterday have not healed. The wound is enlarged. This is also the main reason why A-shares opened higher and fell today. I would say something bad. Those who sold A-shares in early trading may have sold to the lowest point. Of course, in addition to the panic in the market that caused A-shares to slump in early trading, there are the following two reasons. First, foreign capital rested today and felt that the market had no direction; second, the market fell below 3,200 points during the session, and many people felt that the market would continue to fall. The market is like this. Stocks are a game between people and human nature. They are full of uncertainty, but the only thing that remains constant is that the market is against human nature.

Is it a low suction opportunity?

After experiencing the release of panic, the A-shares have returned to their former calm. In my opinion, the ones that should be sold have already been sold, and the positions that should be added are also ready to be added. Regarding the point of view of adding a position and buying a dip, we can talk about it along the content of our review. Yesterday, the market once fell to around 3215 points, and the major moving averages have been broken. However, I drew a trend line from the two previous lows of the broader market, and this trend line was also near the low of the broader market yesterday, and there will be some support. The trend of the broader market today is also as we expected, the market will fall below this trend line due to panic, forming a state of neither breaking nor standing. Therefore, from a technical point of view, the current A shares are a good low-suction opportunity. The sectors and individual stocks that have risen on the entire disk are mainly stimulated by news. Industry sectors such as coal, oil and gas, and ports are among the top gainers and are not suitable for chasing highs. The key to whether the market can turn strong or not lies in technology stocks. If technology stocks do not strengthen, it will be difficult for the market to rise sharply. In short, the A-shares are now calm, and we have to deal with them calmly. The downside of the broader market is limited. I do not recommend shorting below 3200 points. Instead of sitting still, it is better to take the initiative! The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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