Today, A shares shrink and rise, tomorrow, stock market analysis

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Today, A shares shrink and rise, tomorrow, stock market analysis

Introduction: Today, A shares are shrinking and rising. Tomorrow, stock market market analysis

A shares are easy to fall, but difficult to think about. Today after the sharp fall of A shares yesterday It bottomed out in the early trading and rebounded. Due to the boundless rise, it began to fluctuate and fell again in the afternoon. In the late trading, the plate started to rise under the force of the force. The overall trend was a shrinking and rising trend. Today, the sentiment of A-shares is very poor, mainly reflected in two points. First, stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fell more and rose less, and nearly 2,700 stocks fell; There are fewer individual stocks, which means that most of those chasing the market are trapped. In the past two days, the adjustment of A-shares has had a relatively large impact on the market and investors, especially confidence, which seems relatively weak. Off, do not look at the disk. In this state of investors, the purpose of the main force may have been achieved, and they may appear at any time to pick up cheap chips.

Today, A shares shrinking and rising

In the face of today's shrinking and rising A shares, investors are impatient in the market, and it may be good not to look at the market today. The choice is because the people who watch the market will stop their losses during the day because they can't bear the loneliness. Today, there are not many people who dare to really buy. As for the reasons for the shrinking and volatile A shares, I think there are the following points. Reason 1: In terms of capital, the trading of northbound funds was suspended in the early trading, and domestic funds had no direction. They messed around with major industry sectors and did not create a profitable effect in the market. When the market opened in the afternoon, the northbound funds began to flow out, causing many people to be uneasy. Who knew that the northbound funds falsified a shot, and then flowed in sharply in the late trading. Reason 2: Although the sentiment of A-shares has been repaired today, the entire disk is still in a weak state, which is reflected in the fact that there are a large number of falling stocks, few stocks with continuous daily limit, and the space for strong stocks has been suppressed. . Reason 3: Technically, many people think that the reference is of little significance, and it is precisely because of this that many people feel that they have no bottom and dare not buy, either stop the loss or lie flat. The above three reasons are the main reasons for the volatility of A-shares today. I think these three reasons have little impact on the market outlook of A-shares, because the market is shrinking, and there is not much room for A-shares to go up and down. Instead of selling the stock today, I chose to buy a technology stock at a low price. Although it didn't go up, I felt okay.

Tomorrow, stock market analysis

Today's A shares, the broader market rose better, mainly because the main force traded stocks during the session. Industry sectors such as coal and gas are affected by the news and have no reference to rise, but the rise in brokerage and banking sectors during the session is enough to prove that today's main funds are supporting the market. Of course, this kind of market that only increases the index and not the individual stocks will make people feel more or less disgusted. However, if you think about it in reverse, the indexes have all risen, and after stabilizing the broader market, the performance of individual stocks will not be too bad. I have also said in my analysis article at midday that today's A-shares are a good low-suction opportunity, and A-shares have one to two trading days before this position. Technically, there is the support of the trend line below the broader market. I drew this trend line for everyone when I reviewed the market yesterday. It is the line connecting the low of 2863 at the end of April and the low of 3155 at the beginning of August. Today, the broader market will just fall behind this trend line and rebound, indicating that the support is effective. At present, I mainly follow three major industry sectors, technology, metaverse, and digital economy. They have not changed since the beginning of the month. Although the process is very tortuous, I am still quite satisfied with the overall results. Right now, the opportunities for A-shares outweigh the risks, but today the volume is shrinking and rising, and tomorrow will not support chasing highs. If you continue to step back near the trend line in the future, you can still consider taking a dip! The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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