Today's A shares rose 31 points, and three major signals were issued during the session. The next market will go like this

time:2023-03-24 00:59:19 author:Aerospace stock
Today's A shares rose 31 points, and three major signals were issued during the session. The next market will go like this

Stock trading is like life. After enduring all the hardships, it will inevitably usher in rebirth. If it is easy to give up resistance, it will be easily eliminated by the other party. If you escaped yesterday’s slump, you must miss today’s rise. The key is that you did not escape yesterday’s slump, and you missed today’s rise perfectly. Does it make you unable to survive or die? The old rules, let's take a look at today's data structure, 2,691 stocks in the two cities fell, 2,074 stocks rose, 69 stocks rose by the daily limit, and 29 stocks fell by the limit. 3.3 billion. Judging from the data alone, today's performance is not very good, but the momentum of A-shares has come out, and when the market fell sharply yesterday and the market was in panic, the market trend was reversed at the last moment today. This battle of attack and annihilation is really beautiful. The key is that three major signals are issued in the intraday market, making tomorrow's market more worth looking forward to:

Signal 1: Big Finance makes efforts to cross the border , A-share market outlook can be expected

These two days, if there is one sector that is impressive, it is undoubtedly the big financial sector. In the past, retail investors always regarded the unparalleled rise of big financial power as a manifestation of its strength, but they did not know that turning the tide under adversity and surviving from the dead are also a kind of peerless martial arts. Looking at the audience, which other sector is capable of doing it? Core sectors such as automobiles, lithium batteries, semiconductors, and liquor are not without rotation, but can they carry the market with their personal abilities? No, it can only be done by breaking through with all our strength.

The second signal: The main force and the foreign capital are fighting, and the foreign capital is better

Yesterday, the main capital and the northbound capital flowed out in both directions, which brought the collapse of the Chinese stock market; today, The main force went out and the north went in. The two channels of funds fought fiercely. In the end, the market took the bald head. This shows that the ability of the northward funds is better. They have billions of funds, and they have revitalized the entire market. This is the team leader. effect.

Sign 3: Under panic, there must be opportunities

When I told you yesterday that there are plenty of opportunities in that drop, and you don’t believe it, then today After the market has gone, you should have realized the mystery of it. Others panic, I am greedy, others are greedy and I panic, although this sentence comes from the mouth of the stock god, but he has not been summed up through a lot of actual combat experience, could he just say nonsense? Since predecessors have used the lessons of blood to help us sum up the rules, why are you still suspicious and risking yourself? In fact, yesterday was not the first time I said this. When the market fell to 2860, 3070, and 3315, I have said the same thing. Unfortunately, few people listened to it, and many were arrogant. Good explanation, why those people are chasing up and down. Because it is safe to go up, and dangerous to fall, it is their psychological expectation. Finally, as the trading volume drops below one trillion again, the broader market shrinks and rises, and it will inevitably rise again. Just now, in the Hong Kong stock market next door, the Hang Seng Index rose by more than 3 points, and the Hang Seng Technology Index rose by 6 points, and A shares were obviously left behind. It doesn't matter, try a little knife today, and go all out tomorrow to win the opposite mountain, no problem! Upvote is the biggest support for me!

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