Today, the high and the fall, A shares released 2 signals

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Today, the high and the fall, A shares released 2 signals

In early trading, A shares rose and fell, while Hong Kong stocks opened higher and moved lower. The three major index areas fluctuated, and the market returned to calm, the market continued to differentiate, and the rotation was frequent. A-shares are always full of surprises. They suddenly rise and dive suddenly. Don't look for reasons, and don't guess its short-term ups and downs. All things are done according to objective laws. Too much fall is good, and too much rise is bad. The game of industry rotation and chasing up is not suitable for most people. It is the behavior of a few masters.

Today, it has risen and fallen.

Consumer stocks have rebounded. This is expected. After a sharp rise in early trading, it will fall back. Time A lot, and it will be fine. Whether it is hotels, medicine, food, tourism are all rising well. The new energy industry chain continues to differentiate, and the overall performance is good, especially for lithium extraction from salt lakes. There is no reason. They fell a lot yesterday. Automobiles and lithium resources are the first to be adjusted in new energy sources. If there is still a market for new energy sources, the first ones to start will still be cars and batteries. I don't know where they will pull back, it's not within my knowledge, I just need to hold my own positions. Northbound capital inflow, 3330 points depends on the joint force of the market. When the liquor rises, the securities crash, which has already explained the market's attitude. We can only wait for the rhythm. If you are optimistic about the rebound of the Shanghai Composite Index, Xiaofan's point of view will never change. I believe it even more Liquor, followed by resource stocks, and finally finance. The hot spots on the disk are very scattered, and there is no clear main line. Baijiu, the rebound of this position, still has not broken through the pressure zone, just wait for the flowers to bloom and hold it.

A shares, released 2 signals

Signal 1: The market is divided. Foreign capital wants to increase, but some institutions do not agree. Yesterday's rise is also a masterpiece of foreign capital. Some people want to smash the market and get more chips. A group of funds will always be led by the nose of foreign capital, only liquor, let's see how much foreign capital has flowed in in the past two months? A core leader will inflow nearly 20 billion. When others are picking up chips, funds and institutions are smashing the market. Now others want to pull up, but they find that they don't have much chips and are not reconciled? Signal 2: The style is switching. The new energy industry chain, especially the stocks that are hyped to be overvalued, rebounded rapidly and then slowly fell. This is continuing to ship, and the real rise is not the case. I am just expressing my immature thoughts. If you think they will continue to rise, keep holding them. It is your own business to invest in stocks. This position, the direction is very clear, the potential consumption of blue-chip stocks, the industry has also shared in the circle. Doing things according to objective laws is the core of stable profit. Low suction is lurking. Even if there is no rise, there will be no loss. Once it rebounds, it will be dozens of points in a week or half a month. Harvest dozens of points, be satisfied!

Final summary

Don't be afraid to adjust, as long as your chips are not relatively high, you don't need to worry about the market falling, there is no risk, more than 3200 There is no risk in the large-cap index of A shares, but the industry has risks. This index does not guide trading. The industry rotates, and you need to control the rhythm yourself. Stock trading is not complicated, there is no good or bad market, only the rhythm is wrong. Don't panic, don't be in a hurry, good things are worth waiting for, and don't be afraid of callbacks. If there is no callback, where will the rise come from, if you want to greedily avoid every callback, it must be sold out. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Looking forward to your likes, attention, and comments... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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