Style switching, A shares, market forecast on Friday

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Style switching, A shares, market forecast on Friday

A big Yang line, changed the three views! This position has stopped falling. It is a good thing for both A shares and Hong Kong stocks. I don't know why Hong Kong stocks should rise. Don't always look for reasons. The most valuable logic in stock trading is that if it falls too much, it will be good, and if it rises too much, it will be bad, so you don’t need to be surprised if it rises or falls sharply. It's just a part of the market rhythm. If it falls, only those who panic and cut the flesh will lose money, and those who are not afraid of ups and downs will not have any impact? Who knows, tomorrow's down is up, but the pursuit of stocks is profit, not operation.

The style has changed

Personal opinion, the market style has changed, and history will repeat itself. At the end of August last year, it was also a resource stock. This In expectations, I don’t want to talk about everything, because it’s pointless, stock speculation is my own business, I haven’t fooled anyone, I haven’t discussed any stocks, and I haven’t let anyone chase up any market. It’s all lurking in advance, but the stock market There are risks, and the key is how to deal with them. The logic is still shared, maybe it will be useful to you. The price reduction of bulk commodities is the value of futures, and the spot is not necessarily related. Different regions have different values. Will Xinjiang coal and Shanxi coal be the same value? Therefore, the ups and downs of the futures market are only for reference and do not necessarily affect profits. PetroChina, with a profit of 85 billion in the first half of the year, is the best data. Why is it the same performance growth, after the disclosure of new energy, it opened high and moved low, pulling up shipments, but resource stocks and liquor rose? Quite simply, because they didn't rise prior to disclosure, growth is positive, otherwise it's positive cashing out.

A shares, the market forecast on Friday

is still looking forward to a rebound and a positive line! The gold pit expected in August was there, but the chips that I liked did not appear. I continued to wait, I had a bottom position, and I was not in a hurry. Some people say that you don't care about ups and downs, why talk about it, will you click in and see if you don't talk about it? Did the three major indexes rise by a small margin? It does not affect the fall of more than 2,600 stocks and the rise of the index, but the rise of the weighted index has little to do with the subject stocks. The real index market is likely to fall in general. Even if the index rises by more than 2%, the high-valued industries, the main force of shipments, will still fall. At most, there will be a backlash in the middle, and it will continue to fall. The main force of the game of stock funds is to switch back and forth, and we retail investors, the most important thing to care about is The law of industry rotation, you need to ambush in advance. Where do the funds for these heavyweight stocks and resource stocks come from? It is the funds cashed in photovoltaics, electricity, wind power, automobiles, and batteries before. As much as they sell, retail investors will receive as much, and funds will not appear out of thin air.

Final summary

Sometimes, it's really tiring. Because people who speculate in stocks are lonely, and their views are not recognized by most people. If you just want to find someone who resonates with you and the beat is right, just hugging and warming up will not bring you any change. If the capital preservation has not been achieved, it means that your perception and point of view are not suitable for this market. You need to change and try to think about some points of view, styles, and systems that you did not agree with before... This is only a personal opinion, not an investment basis. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Looking forward to your likes, attention, and comments... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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