The wash is over, A shares, has the market started?

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The wash is over, A shares, has the market started?

"The core rule of stock trading is the periodicity of objective facts. If it rises, it will fall. If it rises, it will rise, and it will not go away! As long as the fundamentals of a company do not change, it will fluctuate around the value line. Simply put, it is called a company. Internal valuation." In the afternoon, Hong Kong stocks rose at the opening, exceeding expectations, very strong, repeated sharing, pay more attention to US stocks and Hong Kong stock indexes, two-way trading, more flexible than A shares, more suitable for index operation, China About Internet rose 6%.

A signal released! The shuffling is over

A very important signal is a big negative line, a big positive line, basically established the direction, after the opening of the Hong Kong stock market, the stocks that rise in a straight line regardless of everything are the next short-term direction. Mainly consumption of white horse blue chips, and some Mao assets, changed at the same time. The weighted index rose very fast. The Shanghai 50 Index rose by a maximum of 1.8%. It fell sharply yesterday. The Shanghai 50 Index only fell slightly. Today, it rebounded, but it rose sharply. The subject stocks have been fluctuating sideways at high levels for two months. The main force has completed the adjustment process. In July, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 dropped by 8 points. In August, the funds have been accumulating, and the sideways fluctuation is the K line of accumulation. . Stock trading requires more patience, just pick it up if it falls, regardless of the return date! Falling more is good. When you reach a certain position, the more you fall, the more you buy. In the institutional era, it will fall for three months and half a year. It only takes a month to rebound and there will be dozens of points. Don’t use the old stock market thinking. If the stock does not move, Ningde and Maotai will tell you what is the trading volume?

A shares, has the market started?

Personal point of view, no matter whether the decline is stopped or not, the direction of A shares is very clear, and the direction of opening a position in September, Xiaofan has repeatedly shared in the circle. Why can I be objective, because I am ordinary, always only do things within the scope of cognition, and will not be excited or panic. The rise of Hong Kong stocks exceeded expectations. I hope that Hong Kong stocks will always be at 20,000 points, and the Shanghai Composite Index will always be at 3,000 points, because it is easy to grasp the wave band without worrying about system risks. The Hong Kong stock market fell below 20,000 points for the third time this year. The first two times were exchanged for a 10-20% rise. What about this time? Only the new investors like the rise of the waves, the index has risen sharply, and the old investors enjoy sideways more. The best way to control the retracement is not to go up in the market index. Like the market in 2015 and 2007, the old investors are definitely not as profitable as the newbies. Buffett can't outperform the retail investors in every round of bull market, but it does not affect his wealth. more and more. To sum up: there is no fear of adjustment, as long as your own holdings are not chasing the rise, just wait for the flowers to bloom. In the bottom area, except for the rolling of floating positions, any operation is superfluous. If it falls, it is to let it fall enough. , after the fall, it's time for a retaliatory rebound, don't panic.

Final summary

The market in September, I personally expect it to be more suitable for my own style. The market style of the general market is very uncomfortable, but for the rise of blue-chip stocks, the rise of "Mao Assets" is his specialty. The heavy position index, so the rise of heavyweight stocks is their own paradise. Profits and losses are the same source. There is no perfect trading system. Stable profit means taking something and not taking something. My annual profit is only concentrated in 20% of the time. But created 80% of the income. Heavyweight stocks, especially the core heavyweight stocks of index futures, will not rise sharply, nor will they fall sharply, just fluctuate repeatedly. The Shanghai Composite Index has been fluctuating by several hundred points in recent years, which is not bad! Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Looking forward to your likes, attention, and comments... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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