"Logistics Concept": Mission must be fulfilled! Four undervalued "logistics" potential stocks

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"Logistics Concept": Mission must be fulfilled! Four undervalued "logistics" potential stocks

Who else?

In the A-share market, the "stock king" is Kweichow Moutai, and the "Ningwang" is the Ningde era. Recently, BYD's market value exceeded one trillion yuan and was called "Biwang". After the share price of Tongwei, the leader in photovoltaic silicon materials, rose sharply Also known as "Silicon King", Yuntianhua, which masters phosphate rock resources, was called "Phosphorus King" last year. The King of Stocks, King of Ning, King of Bi, King of Silicon, King of Phosphorus, each "king" is a representative of a track, and is the leader of a subdivided track. Apart from these "kings", there are many "kings" in A-shares. ".

What is the concept of "logistics"

The concept of logistics was first formed in the United States and originated in the 1930s. "Physical Distribution" or "Delivery of Goods". China's logistics terminology standard defines logistics as: logistics is the process of physical flow of goods from the supplying place to the receiving place. According to actual needs, the functions of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, packaging, distribution processing, distribution, information processing and other functions are organically combined. up to realize the process of user requirements. Logistics consists of seven major components: object transportation, warehousing, packaging, handling and loading and unloading, circulation processing, distribution and related logistics information. The specific content includes the following aspects: user service, demand forecasting, order processing, distribution, inventory control, transportation, warehouse management, layout and location of factories and warehouses, handling, procurement, packaging, and intelligence information.

Stop talking, let's take a look at a few "logistics" stocks

The first stock: Western Venture (000557)

Total market value: 8.298 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 27.43, Core concepts: Logistics, Western Development Company Profile: Ningxia The main businesses of Western Venture Industry Co., Ltd. include railway transportation, supply chain services, and wine sales. The main products are freight, accommodation and catering, wine and so on. Main business: railway transportation, supply chain services, wine sales.

Second stock: COSCO SHIPPING Energy (600026)

Total market value: 80.912 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 808.22, core Concept: Logistics, One Belt One Road Company Profile: COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in international and Chinese coastal crude oil and refined oil transportation, international liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation and international chemical transportation. The main business model of the company engaged in oil transportation business is to use self-owned and controlled ships to carry out spot market charter, time charter, sign COA contracts with cargo owners, and participate in joint venture (POOL) operations. Production and business activities. The main customers of the company's oil transportation business are large domestic and foreign enterprises. Main business: international and Chinese coastal crude oil and refined oil transportation, international liquefied natural gas transportation and international chemical transportation.

The third stock: Bohai Ferry (603167)

Total market value: 3.725 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 24.30, core concept : Logistics and Cruise Business Company Profile: Bohai Ferry Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the ro-ro passenger transportation business from Yantai to Dalian, Penglai to Lushun, and has been operating all major routes in the Bohai Bay area. One of the transportation companies, its main products include passenger roll-on transport, cargo roll-on transport and cruise business. Main business: Roll-on-passenger transportation, financial leasing business, cruise business, international roll-on-passenger transportation industry, marine fuel sales.

The fourth stock: Xingtong (603209)

Total market value: 6.776 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 32.91, core Concept: Logistics, Shipping Concept Company Profile: Xingtong Shipping Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the water transportation of bulk liquid chemicals and refined oil products along the coast of China. According to the nature of the goods to be transported, the water transport of goods is divided into general cargo transport and dangerous cargo transport. Dangerous goods transportation covers bulk liquid, bulk solid and packaged dangerous goods transportation, among which, bulk liquid dangerous goods transportation includes crude oil tanker transportation, product oil tanker transportation, chemical tanker transportation, liquefied gas tanker (including liquefied natural gas tanker, liquefied petroleum gas tanker) transportation, etc. At present, it is the deputy director unit of the Chemical Transportation Committee of China Shipowners Association, the executive director unit of China Petroleum Circulation Association, the vice chairman unit of Fujian Shipowners Association, and a well-known domestic chemical transportation and shipping enterprise among the three leading shipping companies in Fujian Province. Main business: engaged in domestic coastal bulk liquid chemicals, refined oil water transportation business.


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