Liquor concept: ready to go! Four undervalued "liquor" potential stocks

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Liquor concept: ready to go! Four undervalued "liquor" potential stocks

Who else?

In the A-share market, the "stock king" is Kweichow Moutai, and the "Ningwang" is the Ningde era. Recently, BYD's market value exceeded one trillion yuan and was called "Biwang". After the share price of Tongwei, the leader in photovoltaic silicon materials, rose sharply Also known as "Silicon King", Yuntianhua, which masters phosphate rock resources, was called "Phosphorus King" last year. The King of Stocks, King of Ning, King of Bi, King of Silicon, King of Phosphorus, each "king" is a representative of a track, and is the leader of a subdivided track. Apart from these "kings", there are many "kings" in A-shares. ".

What is the concept of "liquor"

Liquor is a unique commodity in my country, and the concept of liquor is a scarce concept, which is a special feature of A shares concept. Liquor concept stocks mainly use liquor as the company's main stock. 2014 is a very important year for the liquor industry. In this year, baijiu transformed into a kind of mass consumption, began to undertake government affairs consumption, and began to enter the low-end market to meet the needs of the masses. Around the Spring Festival in 2014, the liquor market was very prosperous, and some local products were out of stock. Kweichow Moutai, as a very important liquor company in the concept of liquor, has taken the road of high-end consumption and also launched a layered product, becoming a company with stable fundamentals among liquor companies. It rose more than 800 and became the first high-priced stock in the A-share market. It was also because of the trend of Kweichow Moutai that the stock became a symbol of value investment. At the same time as Kweichow Moutai, other stocks of liquor concept stocks have also risen continuously.

Not much nonsense, let's take a look at a few "liquor" concept stocks

The first stock: Shede Wine (600702)

Total market value: 52.433 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 31.38, core concept: liquor concept, C2M concept company profile : Shede Liquor Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of liquor products. The company's main products are high-end products Tasty Shede, Wisdom Shede, Crystal Shede, Cangpin Shede, Cangpin Tuo Pai; mid-end products Tuo Pai Tianqu, Tuo Pai Tequ, Tuo Pai Youqu, Intoxication; Volkswagen Light Bottle Wine Tuo Pai T68 , Tuo brand Liuliang, etc.; ultra-high-end products Tianzi call, swallow almost. The company is one of the largest high-quality liquor production enterprises in the country, and its products are "Chinese Famous Liquors", which have been among the best in industry appraisals for many years. Environmental protection" is known in the liquor industry. The company is a "Chinese Famous Liquor" and "China Time-honored Brand". Its core brands "Tuo Pai" and "Shede" are both "China Famous Brands", and have been listed in "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" for four consecutive years. Main business: design, production and sales of liquor products.

Second stock: Shanxi Fenjiu (600809)

Total market value: 331.677 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 22.35, core concepts : Liquor Concept, Big Consumption Company Profile: Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Winery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sale of Fenjiu, Zhuyeqingjiu and its series and provides advertising services. The leading products are Fenjiu, Zhuyeqingjiu, Rose Fenjiu, Baiyu Fenjiu and other series. The company is one of the framers of the national standard for fragrant liquor. The main product, Fenjiu, is a typical representative of Chinese fragrant liquor. Bamboo leaf green wine is a well-known health care wine, which is well-known at home and abroad. The company has three well-known brands: "Fen", "Zhuyeqing" and "Xinghuacun". Main business: production and sales of Fenjiu, Zhuyeqingjiu and its series, and advertising services.

The third stock: Laiyifen (603777)

Total market value: 3.725 billion, P/E ratio (dynamic): 24.30, core Concept: Logistics, Cruise Business Company Profile: Shanghai Laiyifen Co., Ltd. is an omni-channel operator of snack food with its own brand, and is committed to building a leading professional snack food chain operation platform in China. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on providing consumers with fresh, delicious and healthy snack food and a convenient and pleasant one-stop shopping experience. The company is a leading enterprise in domestic snack food. Main business: Self-owned brand snack food chain operation

The fourth stock: Luzhou Laojiao (000568)

Total market value: 6.776 billion, price-earnings ratio (dynamic): 32.91, core concept: logistics, shipping concept Company profile: Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacture of alcohol and beverages. The main products of the company are: Guojiao 1573 series wine, Luzhou Laojiao boutique special series wine, Centennial Laojiao series wine, etc. The company actively carries out the construction of the national liquor quality and safety traceability system, the pilot quality improvement of the whole industry chain, etc., vigorously promotes quality management projects such as "comprehensive quality improvement" and "packaging material technical standard research", and continuously releases the "Product Quality and Safety White Paper". The company has successively won honors such as "National Quality Credit Advanced Enterprise", "National Quality Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise", "National Skilled Master Studio" and "Sichuan Craftsman". "Guojiao 1573" is a standard wine for Chinese liquor appreciation and one of the high-end Chinese liquors that is well-known both at home and abroad; "Luzhou Laojiao Tequ" won the title of "Four Famous Liquors" at the first Chinese wine appraisal meeting in 1952. A typical representative of aroma-type liquor, it is the only strong-flavor liquor that has won the title of "Famous Chinese Liquor" in successive sessions, and is the founder of the "Special Qu" category of Chinese liquor. Research and development, production and sales of liquor.


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