Today, the A-share index fluctuated and individual stocks were differentiated. This week, the stock market analysis

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Today, the A-share index fluctuated and individual stocks were differentiated. This week, the stock market analysis

Introduction: Today, the A-share index fluctuates and individual stocks are differentiated. This week, the stock market analysis

Today, the three major A-share indices Although it didn't fall much, the entire disk was weak and powerless throughout the day, and the whole was a market where the index fluctuated and individual stocks were differentiated. This kind of market tests the patience of investors very much, and more and more people do not want to look at the market. It is said that during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the peripheral stock markets rose relatively well. Today, the A-shares only opened slightly higher, and then maintained a sluggish and volatile state. It has also been fulfilled. The phrase people often say in the forum is positive after the market, and negative during the market. However, I think the volatile and downturn of A shares will soon come to an end. This week, the broader market is expected to stand on the 60-day moving average and rebound towards the upper year line. Be more patient, the rebound will only be late and will not be absent. What we need to do now is to stop throwing low-level chips and hold stocks until they rise.

Today, the A-share index fluctuated and individual stocks were differentiated

Today, the three major A-share indices fluctuated very obviously, and the individual stocks on the disk also had very strong differentiation. There were not many stocks that rose and fell sharply, maintaining a relatively sluggish disk state. Judging from the trend of the broader market today, there is a certain level of agitation and decline in early trading, mainly for the following two reasons. The shock and fall of the A-share index is related to the sharp decline of CRO concept stocks, which is because the industry has encountered negative pressure from external forces. This is another major event following the "Chip Act", and the impact is quite large. CRO concept stocks such as WuXi AppTec, Pharmaron, and Yaoshi Technology all fell by more than 10%. Another important reason is related to the current style of the A-share market. Judging from the disk performance of A-shares today, the market style of the entire A-share market is still the style of rotating and rising among major industry sectors. The lack of sustainability of the industry sector leading the rise is the most worthy of attention in the current A-share market. If no industry sector continues to rise, it will be difficult for A-shares to rebound greatly. There will be a big counterattack, it will be a very easy thing. We have no way to grasp the bad news from the outside, but in order to change the style of market rotation, the main capital has this ability. The key is to stand up and create a new market situation to bring some confidence to the investors. After all, this kind of differentiated and volatile market is not a taste for anyone. Only a happy market will cause a splash. Whether it rises or falls sharply, it is better than the current sluggish and volatile market.

This week, stock market analysis

Today, the performance of A shares is sluggish, and almost all the top gainers before the holiday are in Adjustment, the varieties that held together in the early stage were also scattered, and they were basically a state of high-level stocks compensating for declines. However, in my opinion, A-shares also have good bright spots today, and I continue to be bullish on A-shares for the following reasons. Reason 1: Compensation for high-level stocks means that the index is about to bottom out, and there will be demand for the index to rebound; Reason 2: In terms of capital, the net inflow of northbound funds exceeds 6 billion. give them. Reason 3: Technically, the bulls tentatively attacked the 60-day moving average of the broader market today, because there is no volume to support a slight retracement. However, the problem is not big, the broader market is still in an upward trend technically. Combining the above three reasons, I believe that the probability of A-shares continuing to rise this week is relatively high, and the target of this rebound will be near the upper annual line. Therefore, no matter how the A-shares fluctuate and differentiate in the near future, it cannot change my view of being bullish on A-shares. Those low-level industry sector holdings can wait to rise, and even increase their positions appropriately. This month, the industry directions I mainly follow are big technology and big consumption, and there is also a small amount of follow-up in the cultural media sector. Don't blindly chase up and down in this kind of market, as long as it is not institutional stocks and high-end stocks to hold up, it is the best choice. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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