U.S. stock rate hike, what's the impact? A shares will usher in a "big reversal"?

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U.S. stock rate hike, what's the impact? A shares will usher in a "big reversal"?

In stock trading, each market has its own rules, just like different cities, everyone has nothing to do with each other, don't simply understand it as resonance. Different periods, different positions, different K lines. If you see the road and don’t walk, you will see the cause and effect. If the conditions are different, it is impossible to simply copy it, learn its shape, and miss its spirit, and it will evolve into chasing up and down. U.S. stocks have their cause and effect, and it does not apply to A-shares. Just like the industry, some people say that new energy is very good, and medical care is bad. After the adjustment after 3,400 points, the decline of medical funds is smaller than that of lithium battery funds. This is an objective fact. There is no good or bad in the market, and there is no high or low in the industry. The key is location and logic. Complaining about the industry is wrong, tuition is wasted, most people lose money, and the experience gained is bad luck and bad industry...

U.S. stock rate hike, what's the impact?

U.S. stock interest rate hike is an irreversible thing. I have no likes or dislikes for U.S. stocks. If they fall too much, they can buy low, and if they rebound, they can lighten up their positions and liquidate their positions. The interest rate hike will continue until 2023. Inflation has occurred, and it is difficult to contain this kind of slow interest rate hike. Don't talk about them, talk about us in the early 1990s, what was the interest rate at that time? Seniors should know better than Xiaofan, when I was young, I remember that the fixed deposit interest rate was 15%. Inflation is a double-edged sword that can increase the size of the economy without increasing wealth. We need to care about value, not price, be realistic, don't just look at appearances. The same is true for stock trading. There are always people who think that a stock price of 200 yuan is absolutely overvalued and 20 yuan is absolutely undervalued. This concept is deeply rooted. We are in a cycle of interest rate cuts, and inflation will gradually manifest itself. Historical laws will always repeat themselves. Prices are rising. In the past 10 years, the inflation of the house price is also included, and the average is 10%. Unfortunately, when the house price rises, it is an investment product and will not be counted. In the breakfast shop downstairs, the steamed buns went up by 0.5 yuan and 2.5 yuan each, saying that the price of pork has risen. I'm curious, when pork was 30 yuan a pound, it was this reason, why is it now 20 yuan a pound, or this reason? Taking this example, I want to express the fact that inflation is difficult to contain, because some things are gone forever, and it is easy to raise prices, but difficult to reduce prices, especially the necessities of life, unless the interest rate is raised continuously.

A shares may usher in a "big reversal"

The day when US stocks fall, when A shares rise! When the U.S. stock market rose before, we did not follow and chose to adjust. When the U.S. stock market fell, we would rebound. From April to June, U.S. stocks fell and A-shares rebounded. After June, U.S. stocks rebounded and A-shares fell. If U.S. stocks can continue to fall, it will be good for A-shares, and the market can reverse greatly in advance! Although they are two-way markets, the mainstream trading thinking is still to go long, and there are still a few shorts. It is difficult for ordinary people to grasp, and I don’t like shorting. In recent years, I have mainly been long. The risk of shorting is high, and it is generally leveraged. Sideways for a long time, you need a rapid bottom, which is conducive to the market reversal. There are only two options for sideways fluctuations, one is a sharp dip and then rebounds, and the other is a big Yangxian breakthrough. Whichever trend the market chooses is reasonable, so don’t be surprised.

Final summary

The large-cap index of A-shares is relatively undervalued, so don’t worry about the sharp drop, this is not the beginning of the year Position, blue chip heavyweights are already at the bottom, they are the backbone of A shares. In this position, the holdings will rise, wait for the flowers to bloom, and you will have a harvest at the end of the year. You don’t need to think too much about short-term trends. You can lighten up your positions if you are high, and buy low if you fall a lot. Simply repeat it. Personal opinion, not investment basis. Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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