A shares, what is the reason for the decline? Will there be a new low next week?

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A shares, what is the reason for the decline? Will there be a new low next week?

On Friday, more than 4,200 stocks fell again, the index fell sharply, and the market sentiment had reached freezing point. The trading volume is shrinking, and the market is coming. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 2.3%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.3%, the ChiNext Index fell 2.34%, and the ChiNext fell about 7% this week, which can be considered a “stock market crash” week.

A shares, what is the reason for the decline?

The smashing of securities made the sentiment of the whole market fluctuate. For no other reason, at this juncture, liquor and securities are needed to support the market, and they chose to go down. On the disk, almost all of them are falling, which is more outrageous than the market on Thursday. The industries that have fallen include securities, coal, real estate, and gas. Semiconductors and photovoltaics rose and fell. Many times, there is an obsession with A shares, and its position is always the heaviest. In fact, do we need to reduce the transaction cost of securities? no! A-shares are already very fragile. The exchange rate changes brought about by interest rate cuts and these things after the holiday are like a dream. Many people have suffered huge losses and can feel everyone's desperation, but since you have chosen the path of investing in stocks, you must endure this kind of storm. It has always been said that manage positions well, don't expect anyone to tell short-term ups and downs, can't guess, various off-site factors are beyond the scope of understanding, all Xiaofan can do is to manage positions. At the end of the trading session, I took out the bottom-hunting funds T with tears in my eyes, and increased the position slightly, which is already 70% of the position, and there are overseas indices in it. What's the next risk? Off-field factors are beyond their ability. When the gold pit appears, I need to have surplus food. No one knows the lowest point. I want to believe that this is the bottom area. No matter how I wash the market, the bottom position will not leave the market. No one needs to agree. This may have just begun, or it may have ended, as long as it can rise back in the future.

Next week, will there be a new low?

Personal point of view, I can't guess the lowest point, but the barefoot yin line has no substantial benefits over the weekend, and it will continue to bottom out next week. If you choose to invest in stocks, some things can only be done, and it is difficult to make a profit. Don't think that you will be able to invest in stocks when the market is good. Lowering expectations and investing spare money, most people can’t do it, so no matter when, they can’t wait to fill their positions. When the market is good, they think that they are very good at investing in stocks. Xiaofan will only do everything possible to protect his principal. This year's market, if it falls further, the financing plate will be under pressure again. The darkness lasted longer than expected. July, August, and September were lonely. Although there were not many floating losses in these two trading days, it felt very congested. For the A-share shareholders, I felt that it was not worth it! To sum up: the funds in the field can only be boiled, there is no other way, cutting meat at this position, then it is not boiled in vain, or stop the loss at the beginning, and when it comes to this time, it is said that cutting meat, there is no such thing way of trading stocks. This kind of mud and sand, isn't it the same as the main capital?

Final summary

I am not afraid of shocks. On the one hand, I have managed my own positions, and on the other hand, I have confidence in holding positions. All are weighted indices, relatively undervalued blue-chip stocks, no matter how they fall, I believe it is just the last wash, for a better rise. There is no need to copy homework, everyone has different risk tolerance for falling, and the disk thought it was just their own worries, but I didn't expect the word "big adjustment" to become a prophecy. Affected by the negative decline, the fundamentals of the company have not changed substantially, and there is no need to pay attention to the fluctuations of the secondary market. Personal opinion, not investment basis. Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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