Today, two news came to fruition, A shares will usher in a "repair market" next week?

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Today, two news came to fruition, A shares will usher in a "repair market" next week?

Stock speculation, for most stock lovers, is nothing but a basket of water. "Participate in the market, don't easily fill up the position, and don't easily short the position. No matter whether the position is full or short, it is against the basic rules: always respect the market!" Some people don't quite understand this sentence. Simply put, the market is unpredictable. Any idea of ​​predicting the market, In the end it is a loss! Seeing the road and not walking, past experience, dogma, and conditions are different, and it cannot be simply applied. People who try to predict the market in vain are often caught in chasing up and down. You think that it will rise or fall, which is misleading from the appearance, whether it is the K line or the indicator. In the A-share market, there is only one inherent logic: value!

Two messages landed

News 1: The land market in some areas has recovered, and many housing companies have acquired large amounts of land. Seek truth from facts. Effectiveness is the only criterion for testing the truth. Objective data is the truth. No matter how many voices there are, they have been wrong in the past 20 years, and they will be wrong in the future. It's just the emotional catharsis of the disadvantaged culture. In most cities with net inflows, more than half of the people do not have a house, and even less than 30% of the people in the first-tier cities have a house. There are many friends around me whose principal is the accumulation of the property market. Their participation in the stock market is also the same source of investment! The blue-chip heavyweights that are under-absorbing the latent core will double after three or five years. News 2: US stocks fell again, the Nasdaq fell 0.9%, the S&P 500 fell 0.72%, and the Dow fell 0.45%. A-shares rarely lose in the field of decline. I don't understand why it made all kinds of panic and empty voices when it fell sharply? New to the market? Especially some analysts. Looking over the monthly and quarterly lines of A-shares, the story of this kind of decline will always repeat itself, and you should get used to it. Are A shares delisted? Investment is based on the year, and the secondary market fluctuates. If you care too much about it, you must chase the ups and downs, because your expectations are wrong. You are not investing with spare money, but gaming, and there are only losers in the game! The decline at the beginning of the year was repaired in two months. Not only did it recover blood, but it also made a profit of about 15%. There was no exception. As long as you are not chasing the rise, you can buy low-priced blue-chip stocks with reasonable intrinsic valuations, and no matter how the market index falls, it will not have any impact on the principal. Personally, dodged again, I instead hope they fall and can cover the position as planned. Short-term predictions are no different from flipping a coin. Those who work hard to predict will only have a winning rate of a little more than 50%. The original intention is only to make profits, and it will eventually fall to the operation. Have wine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Hong Kong stocks fallen?

A shares will see a "repair market" next week?

The market is unpredictable. I am just a retail investor. Like everyone else, I can only share a high probability view through K-line and review experience. Off-market factors are not something I can consider. For example, the main force does not know the news of interest rate cuts, interest rate hikes, and fee reductions. Next week, from the perspective of the K-line, it will continue to fall by inertia. I don't know where it will fall. 3000 points is not a very rare thing, it is right in front of you, and then it will bottom out and start to repair the market! If there is something very good at the weekend, and it rebounds in a straight line next week, it is beyond the scope of ability. It is like 2863 points, two big Yang lines. Which analyst predicted it? Only those who do not avoid the big drop and those who have a position at all times can enjoy the straight-up rise of this big Yangxian, which is not a market behavior! Therefore, always respect the market, and it is impossible to know what will happen in the next second. Xiaofan likes to watch the weekly, monthly, and quarterly lines, and mainly invests in the medium and long term, and does not play games.

Final summary

Stock trading is a practice, and literacy is revealed in words. We have to endure time and space, and we have to fight against human nature. In the end, we can win real money by defeating ourselves. To invest in stocks is to take the principal from other people’s pockets. How can it be so easy? Bodhidharma faced the wall, Yugong moved the mountain, each worked hard, and each picked the fruit. If you think you can make steady profits, why do you need to be so fragile and be influenced by analysts' opinions? Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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