Has the market bottomed out? A shares, market forecast on Friday

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Has the market bottomed out? A shares, market forecast on Friday

In stock trading, no one can predict the lowest point, and the bottom area can be known with high probability. If you are not confident about this, it may be the best choice to temporarily leave A shares. The market on Thursday was that the track stocks fell, the heavyweight stocks rose, and the funds switched high and low. It was a very simple disk. Neither the track stocks nor the marginal stocks of the blue-chip heavyweights fell. They didn't even have the main force and could only follow the broader market.

Has the market bottomed out?

Personal point of view, here is the bottom, the weight index of 2700 points, at the position of 2863 points, the valuation in 2018, is it still the top? It has dropped from 4100 points for nearly two years, and the valuation has returned. In the recent market, as long as these undervalued blue-chip stocks are lurking low, they may not necessarily make a profit, but they will certainly not lose money. Unconsciously, the three leading stocks in the home appliance industry have rebounded, and insurance, banking, securities, and real estate have also rebounded. The position of big finance is indeed not high. Food and beverages are also bottoming out and rebounding. The annual decline of Shenjiu is only 7.31%, outperforming the broader market index. Hotel tourism is also picking up. Are these all relatively low, don’t pretend not to know? The industry rotates, you don't need to care too much about whether the market bottoms out, it is the law of the industry. The objective law is to switch between highs and lows. When the market peaks and funds leave the market, there will be liquidity. All are retail traders. into undervalued stocks. Xiaofan, always only sells low, never chases up, so that there can be continuous profit, not random or accidental. It's just that this kind of profit method is relatively boring, that is, waiting and repeating... Therefore, here is the bottom, even if it falls again, it is a gold pit, and it is enough to cover the position. There are still floating warehouses, spare money to invest in stocks, and the surplus grain is close to 40% of the warehouse, waiting for the golden pit, then you can buy the bottom, and continue to operate if it does not appear. For me, there is no essential difference.

A shares, market forecast on Friday

There is a high probability that the market will rebound on Friday, and repair today's decline. After the market closes, semiconductor Good news, new energy is good news. All kinds of rumors about new energy have come. We do have achievements in this field, but there are problems of repeated construction and excessive investment. If we cannot export to earn foreign exchange, the future will be "involution". Our original intention is to transfer production capacity overseas in the future. In terms of the industry, we are still optimistic about the rebound of the heavyweight stocks, and the holdings will rise. Even if there is a correction, it will be a shock at the bottom. There is no way for them to have a big Yang line, and without a big Yang line, the market sentiment will continue to be depressed. Don't be afraid of shocks, because this is not the position at the beginning of the year, and some industries are in the bottom area, so there are not many problems. Stock trading is 80% of the time waiting, and only 20% of the time when it rises. To put it more accurately, the time for the rise is only 5%. The reason why we lose money is because the time of the rise happens to be absent, and the time of the fall happens to be there again.

Final summary

In stock trading, the most important thing is mentality, adjust your mentality. Don't take chances, stop losses in time if you fall, and theoretically there is no problem in participating in photovoltaics, electricity, and energy storage. High-level games have their own ways to stop losses and profits in time. Only most people overestimate their own mentality. Some things, I can't do it, and I won't participate in things beyond my ability. I'm not a master. The realm of generating mind from rhythm is still far from enlightenment. Maybe ten years later, I can generate rhythm from mind. Personal opinion, not investment basis. Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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