what happened? A shares continue to fall, can they rebound in the afternoon?

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what happened? A shares continue to fall, can they rebound in the afternoon?

Introduction: What happened? A shares continue to fall, can they rebound in the afternoon?

In early trading, the three major A-share indexes collectively opened higher, but the three major indexes fell across the board during the session, and individual stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen were the same as yesterday. With this trend of A shares today, both those who are optimistic about A shares and those who are not optimistic about A shares are confused. Last night, the US stock market rebounded slightly. In addition, there was so much good news for the A-share market last night. In the early trading, it actually went up and down, and the investors wanted to curse. A-shares, if they want to fall, they should fall a little more violently. Only after the market volume can be released, whether it rises or falls, it can bring activity to the market. Investors are fed up with the shrinking and volatile market. It is not as fast to cut flesh with a dull knife as a machete. After killing the funds in the market, overthrow it and start over again to activate the market!

What happened? A-shares continue to fall

Today, the decline of A-shares can be said to be sudden, without any warning, and there were two relatively big positives last night. First, the central bank cut interest rates, which affected banks and real estate slightly today. Second, a lot of good news was released at important meetings, but it was not fed back to the actual disk today. The interest rate cut by the central bank is good for the stock market. Today, A-shares fell at the opening. The only explanation I can give is that technology stocks are not rising. It is difficult for A-shares to rise. Recently, no matter how other industry sectors of A-shares have risen in rotation, only technology stocks will not rise if the broader market index does not rise. Today, technology stocks are actually positive, but they began to sell off at the opening, which caused the index to step down. The three major indexes, the broad market index is well supported by banks, real estate, and securities, but the ChiNext index is miserable. This shows that the new energy track is already going downhill, and only big technology can take over the new energy track on the GEM. If the new energy track peaks, and the low-level big technology does not come out, the GEM index will not know when it will be top. I think that when technology stocks rebound will determine when the broader market index will rebound. This time should not be far away.

Can it bounce back in the afternoon?

The broader market index of A-shares has returned to around 3200 points, and I will not easily bear A-shares at this position. I estimate that the market will rebound after covering the gap from 3199 points to 3203 points, so there is a high probability that A shares will rebound in the afternoon. However, how much effect this rebound will have on the disk is impossible to judge today. After all, the sudden drop today has completely stunned the investors, and it will not be able to recover for a while. There are two phenomena in the decline of A-shares in early trading today, which need our attention. One is that today's A-shares have fallen heavily, and the other is that there are more individual stocks that have fallen sharply on the disk than yesterday. This means that the panic in the market is fleeing, and most people can't bear it anymore, and they sold off during the session today. When this happens, although it is not very good for A shares in a short period of time, after the panic market flees, the market will reshuffle, and these funds will also be converted from locked-up funds to offensive funds. good thing. This also means that in the follow-up attack of A shares, the pressure on the top becomes smaller, and it is easy to get out of the reversal market. Therefore, there is no sell-off today, and those who are still holding on may wish to hold on for a while. Under normal circumstances, after the market panics, another inertia sell will basically bottom out. That is to say, A-shares will bottom out at least tomorrow, and then enter into a rebounding market. From past experience, this kind of falling market will definitely have stocks that have been killed by mistake. I don’t think you need to panic, let alone hand over your own bloody chips in the panic. It’s not easy to stick to it, but you can accompany it to make a comeback. I can rule the world with you. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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