Rebound tomorrow? A shares, market forecast on Thursday

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Rebound tomorrow? A shares, market forecast on Thursday

On Wednesday, the general market fell, and the three major indexes diverged. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.8%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.25%, and the ChiNext Index fell 1.84%. The volume of transactions has shrunk to only 722.6 billion. In this position, A-shares are full of uncertainty. The external influence, mainly Hong Kong stocks, has not turned red today. On the one hand, Hong Kong stocks have been falling, and on the other hand, securities have also smashed.

Bounce tomorrow?

The amount of land and the price of land, shrinking is a good signal, the mood is freezing, there is no other reason for the shrinking, that is, everyone doesn't want to trade, many people are short positions and wait and see, and they don't want to watch the market when they are stuck. On the disk, low-level industries may catch up, and undervalued blue-chip stocks should be watched closely. In this kind of market, it is not necessarily profitable to buy low, and the winning rate of chasing up is too low. Even if it does fall, the undervalued will rebound, just like the decline at the beginning of the year, the undervalued blue-chip stocks will soon recover. Tomorrow, there is a high probability of rebounding and repairing today’s decline. Although it has bottomed out and rebounded, it is still difficult for the index to turn red after leaving the securities. After one trading day’s digestion, the securities will stop falling and rebound, and the broader market can rebound. Securities, Xiaofan rarely shares the potential of opening a position and lurking it, which is considered a conscience. I seldom participate in it myself. I will not ask everyone to hold a heavy position in securities because there are many novice retail investors involved in this industry. The logic of securities is bull market expectations. There is no bull market in the past, present, and future, only structural market conditions. Why do we need to keep allotment and fixed increase? It is because of the average profitability of the industry that you think about harvesting in the secondary market. Have you ever seen liquor, food, home appliances, water and electricity, coal, and banking industries alloting shares in the secondary market, increasing or reducing their holdings?

A shares, market forecast on Thursday

There is a high probability of a rebound on Thursday, and there is a low in early trading, which is also a low-sell Opportunity, the stock index delivery day is coming soon, and it is likely to repeat the previous index market. Share, Xiaofan has not opened any other positions recently, so he opened a position for traditional Chinese medicine at the beginning of the month, and waited for the drop to cover the position. Holding is operating. In terms of industries, liquor and securities are all variables of the Shanghai Composite Index. If they rebound, the index can turn red, and real estate may continue to rebound, with banks supporting the market. There is a high probability that the trading volume will still be within 800 billion, and the market of the index does not need to be heavy, because many people have already left the market, and there is no selling pressure on the weighted index stocks. After the market closed, semiconductors ushered in a lot of good news. Some of them have decided to optimize the management measures of the electronic and electrical industry, and some companies in Shanghai have achieved mass production of 14-nanometer advanced technology. I don’t know the specific technical parameters. Anyway, I didn’t participate in individual stocks. The industry will hold to doubling the three-year forecast.

Final summary

Don't be afraid of shocks, some things keep repeating, these are my own real experience, I rely on this There are countless repeated profits and stable profits, that is, in your own trading system, simply repeating the high winning rate transactions. The trading system is a bit like an assembly line. It has a mature process. It does not require employees to think or innovate. It only needs them to execute, that is, to keep repeating, so that there will be no mistakes. Debug today, rectify tomorrow, and optimize the day after tomorrow. Do you think this factory can be efficient? I have a trading system, and I am willing to share it. I repeat it over and over again. Everyone is tired of hearing it. Isn’t it tiring for me to participate? Stock trading is lonely and boring, unless you don't want to make a profit, then you can play casually. Personal opinion, not investment basis. Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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