Today, nearly 4,000 stocks have fallen. Will A shares rebound in the afternoon?

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Today, nearly 4,000 stocks have fallen. Will A shares rebound in the afternoon?

On Thursday, the news of the rate cut only opened up slightly, and then plunged. The market was highly differentiated. The weighted index rose a lot, the super brand rose by about 1%, the Shanghai 50 index rose by more than 0.5%, and the small and medium-sized innovation index fell a lot. In the general market, many people have suffered serious losses. The Shanghai Composite Index has a limited decline and can turn red at any time. The rhythm of the industry’s rotating market is very important. Low buying may not be profitable, and chasing up is even more difficult.

Today, nearly 4,000 stocks fell

in early trading, and it has always been a general decline, no matter whether the index is red or green. About 4,000 stocks fell, and growth track stocks such as batteries, photovoltaics, electricity, semiconductors, and military industries generally fell. Super brands are the core assets of those A-shares. The growth rate is good, about 1%. Therefore, the decline of the Shanghai Composite Index is limited, and there is no significant outflow of northbound funds, and the trading volume has increased. In this market, many people have lost money, and Xiaofan has not made any profit, but except for semiconductors, all positions are red. Profits and losses come from the same source. Generally speaking, I will easily outperform the broader market, or even make a profit. If the market can rebound a little, I can trade in the red. On the disk, photovoltaics, electricity, energy storage, semiconductors, and technology have all fallen sharply. The first few new energy tracks are perfectly predicted, and semiconductors are a bit more than expected. The gains in this round of semiconductor rebounds are not much. Is this smashing of the market a complement to yesterday's rise? There is a small outflow of northbound funds, about 2 billion, and there are more capital outflows in the broader market. I still don’t think it is a shipment, but a position adjustment! This drop is the shock, and the victory is victory. Of course, the direction is very important, and the market adjustment is a high-low switch.

A shares, will they rebound in the afternoon?

Personal point of view, it will rebound in the afternoon. This kind of trading day is suddenly positive, and the market has a high probability of opening slightly higher, diving, bottoming, oscillating upward, and closing in the red! There is a high probability that this is the case. It is only a personal opinion and does not represent the market trend. Continue to hold the stock to go up. For me, the market has no effect. I shared it yesterday. The floating position is in the Hong Kong stock market, and there is not much decline today. I still won't go to the bottom of the bargain, because the chips I want have not fallen sharply recently. Don't panic, a sharp drop is not a bad thing, especially the drop of mud and sand, let alone worry. How to fall, how to rise back in the future, there is no sharp fall, shocking positions, and the market is inked. Anyway, the person who cuts the flesh and leaves the field will never be himself, so that's fine. If it falls and then rises back up, there is no loss at all, and it can also be exchanged for a faster rhythm. To sum up: the stock holdings are going to rise, the pace is faster, the rebound will come back in the afternoon, and the rebound will be slower on Friday. I am not afraid of this kind of decline, and I will not watch the market. This kind of shock position, as long as you don't make a mistake to chase up the market, the market will not let you down.

Final summary

Stock trading, can not teach everyone's mentality, this matter can only be handled by oneself. Investing spare money is simple and simple. This is Xiaofan's secret recipe for stock trading, and I will try to share it as much as possible. Before the market, I shared the logic that interest rate cuts will benefit core assets. I hope everyone can understand it. You can go to some macroeconomics books. Now few people like to read books. The risk-free interest rate decreases, the market risk appetite changes, and the valuation logic of core assets and weighted blue-chip stocks will have a premium, and the fundamentals are only the appearance. Personal opinion, not investment basis. Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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