The advantage is here! Shoutout, the capital market has withstood the severe test, will A shares continue to rise?

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The advantage is here! Shoutout, the capital market has withstood the severe test, will A shares continue to rise?

Introduction: The good news is coming! Shoutout, the capital market has withstood the severe test, will A shares continue to rise?

Today, A-shares ushered in a shrinking and rebounding, the three major indexes fluctuated and turned red, and the overall market sentiment improved. Although the index was still suppressed, the time-sharing yellow line of the broader market rose in the time-sharing white line. , The profit-making effect of subject stocks is better. On the disk, industry sectors such as satellite navigation, advanced packaging, and communication equipment were among the top gainers, while food processing, liquor, and real estate development, which led the gains in the previous period, were among the top losers; The style has not changed, and there is a certain degree of difficulty in operation. Today's A shares can be said to have ushered in a comprehensive rebound. Technology stocks have once again become the leading sector. Whether the market index is good or not is mainly determined by technology stocks, which was decided in August. Throughout August, the broader market index rose when tech stocks performed well and fell when technology stocks performed poorly. I hope that the technology stocks can get tough this time, and there is hope for the broader market.

Benefits are here! Shoutout, the capital market has withstood the severe test

Today, the rebound of A shares is related to the release of good news in the market. There are two main good news. Good news 1: On September 2, at the 2022 China International Finance Annual Forum, someone shouted that the capital market has withstood a severe test. Although this sentence is a bit harsh in the environment of the continuous decline of A shares, this kind of sentence can stabilize the confidence of the market to a certain extent. Good news 2: Nvidia said it was required to restrict the export to China of the latest two generations of flagship GPU computing chips A100 and H100, which are used to accelerate artificial intelligence tasks. This news once again stimulated the change of technology stocks in the domestic alternative direction. Although it is said that there are still relatively big difficulties in tackling the technical difficulties, what the market wants is expectations, and as long as the market has expectations, the stock will rise. As a result, tech stocks were among the top gainers today. Judging from the above two days of good news, we can only stimulate the rise of A-shares in the short term. If A-shares are to continue in the later period, there must be more good news or continuous release of good news. Now the A-share market is not short of money, what is lacking is confidence.

Will A-shares continue to rise?

In the morning, A-shares were in the general decline in the external stock market, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets bottomed out and rebounded. Although the index's increase was not large, individual stocks on the disk were active, mainly because the rise in technology stocks drove the index's rebound. Therefore, how much room for A-shares to rebound in the future mainly depends on the sustainability of technology stocks. Today, the rebound of A shares is shrinking, and the rebounding stocks are mainly oversold and rebound, and it is not suitable to chase high. However, the market's bullish sentiment has been restored, and if there is a callback in the later period, it will be an opportunity to get on the bus. The market sentiment has picked up. Even if the A-shares rebounded oversold today, not a reversal day, it is not far from the real reversal day. There is limited room for the broader market to continue to fall, and the probability of maintaining volatility is high, but the subject stocks will have a good market. The rise of the subject stocks can drive the market's long sentiment, and the index will eventually follow the sentiment, and the rise in the market outlook is a high probability event. The short-selling momentum of the market has weakened, and the technology stocks that have risen sharply today should have a certain degree of continuity. My plan is that after this wave of technology stocks is over, I will start switching to big spending to welcome the market at the end of the year. In short, the market risk has been relieved, and the low-priced stocks should not be easily cut, and the main thing is to see more and do less. After the confidence in the market is completely restored, it is more likely to have a profit-making effect. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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