Today, A-shares continue to close down, A-share shareholders: Can't bear it anymore

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Today, A-shares continue to close down, A-share shareholders: Can't bear it anymore

Today, A-shares continued to close down

The first trading day of September ushered in a dark start. The three major A-share indexes continued to close down, and the ChiNext The index was the worst, down 1.42%. The broader market was slightly better, down 0.54%, under the support of the real estate and coal sectors, falling below 3,200 points. Today, the A-share market has been relatively tortuous. Individual stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen have changed from falling more and rising less to rising more and falling less, and then from rising more or less to falling more and rising less. This is all related to the index diving in the afternoon. The profit-making effect of A-shares is poor throughout the day, mainly because the rise of industry sectors is not sustainable, and the continuous A-word sell-off of high-level stocks has affected the short-term long-term sentiment of the market. The market can only digest this kind of panic. rising expectations.

A-share shareholders: I can't bear it

A-shares have been pulling back for about a week. During this time, most shareholders are uncomfortable, especially Yesterday, after the A-shares fell sharply, many people started to curse in the forum. Today, A-shares rose and fell, and then it is estimated that they will be scolded again, and more than a lot of people feel that they can't bear it anymore. Today, after A-shares rose and fell back, I found that many people could no longer bear it. In particular, investors who chased high-end stocks before are estimated to have been trapped by more than 20%. The lethality of these stocks is very high, and they are basically continuous large negative line adjustments, or after a large negative line, ushered in endless negative declines. It was like cutting flesh with a dull knife. Although it was impossible, the blood was almost drained. After going through the continuous sell-off, the investors also became impatient, mentally tense and nervous, and even a soul painter appeared, who painted today's A shares in a flat posture. The market sentiment is already very negative. Even if there is good news for A-shares last night, it cannot become popular today. It is really sad. At present, the market characteristics of A-shares are very obvious. Although the index fluctuated and did not fall much, many individual stocks have been terrible to see, and negative emotions have also appeared in the market. Laying down is the only way out for A-shares.


There are few bright spots in A shares today. Although food processing has reversed in the afternoon, it has not driven the index to rise, and the sustainability of the sector remains to be tested. The current market is basically the industry sector that leads the rise in the day. At this time, it cannot be chased, because the continuous rise of the sector is effective, and the operation of chasing high is easy to be trapped. From a technical point of view, the technical chart of the broader market has broken down, and the major moving average systems have begun to diverge downwards, which makes people feel that the A-share market is still in a sharp decline. I don't think so, because the mid-term results of A-share listed companies have been fully disclosed, and the only worry now is that the Fed's boots to raise interest rates in September have landed. A share is likely, I only rebounded decently after this boot landed. Otherwise, it will maintain a volatile trend. At present, there is basically no reference in the technology of the major A-share indexes, because the overall situation is in a state of decline, and it is difficult to judge through technology. People in the market now generally believe that the market will stop falling near 3155 points. Due to the strong panic in the market, this position is likely to fall below, thus forming a trend of not breaking and not standing. Since Ren Zhengfei's speech, A-shares have achieved a 7-day losing streak. Although there has been a rebound during this period, the rebound is not obvious. The market is in a pattern of rotational rises in major industry sectors, and there is no big pattern, because the market is panicked. Only suppression, it is difficult to achieve a big rise, here mainly depends on whether the market's long sentiment can be reversed. However, the good thing is that the decline of A-shares today is shrinking, which means that there is not much room for A-shares to continue to go down. In the absence of capacity and energy, it is still a higher strategy to not chase high in operation. For industry sectors and individual stocks that are still at a low level, I think it will be better to hold shares. After the market digests the panic, it will rebound. I know that many people can't bear it anymore, so let's persevere! Don't fall before dawn. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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