Today, suddenly the general market rose, A shares, the market may usher in a "big change"?

time:2023-01-28 05:59:04 author:Individual stock analysis
Today, suddenly the general market rose, A shares, the market may usher in a "big change"?

The first trading day after the holiday ushered in a general rally, with more than 3,000 stocks rising during the session. The three major indexes traded slightly in the red, liquor and securities rose, while innovative drugs, batteries, electricity, optoelectronics, and real estate fell. It is still a differentiated market. Many people have the wrong rhythm, and they will still not be profitable. Therefore, it is of limited significance to predict the rise and fall of the market. The structural market requires you to step on the rhythm.

Generally rising and rebounding

In early trading, about 3,000 stocks have been rising. Although the gains were limited, they still rose and fell. With the rise of securities and liquor, many stocks have fallen, and the seesaw market, heavyweight stocks and subject stocks will always be differentiated. The trading volume continued to shrink, the weighted index rose very well, the A50 rebounded by nearly 2%, and many heavyweight blue-chip stocks rose. No matter the market value, this is the rhythm of the market. Xiaofan shared it in advance, but it is still useless. Most people can't do it. , they only care about the rise and fall of the market, not how the market will rise and fall? On the disk, agriculture, beverages, precious metals, food, home appliances, etc. rebounded, almost all of which were concepts of consumption and finance, new energy callbacks, and everything was expected. Some people insisted on going to the exam room on a starry night. Profits and losses are your own decisions, and it has nothing to do with A shares. Don't throw the blame on the market, the main force, new shares, T+1... The market will always switch between high and low, investment requires patience, low-sucking latent, holding for a few months, naturally There will be gains. There is no need to watch the market. If it is useful, then the office workers can go home and speculate in the stock market. The inflow of northbound funds continued, and the inflow was not as obvious as last Friday, and the rhythm has eased. The rebound of Hong Kong stocks is the same as that of A shares, and only the A50 is rising sharply.

A shares, the market may usher in a "big change"?

The market has changed. The high-level track stocks that have been repeatedly reminded before, whether it is photovoltaic, electricity, energy storage, etc., I only remind the risk. The market is not a supermarket opened by my family. unable to participate. If you think you have the ability, if you want to participate in this low-probability, high-revenue game, if you really lose, don’t blame others. On the way down, it also oscillates downward, and there will be counter-draws, and experts can participate. Profits beyond the scope of ability perception are never rare for me. Even if it is ten times a month, I will not be moved even if I look at it. In reality, would you envy the high salary of other people's industries? Will the screwdriver in the factory overestimate his ability and apply for a job with an annual income of 1 million? Switching between high and low, consumption and finance will rebound in the gap between new energy adjustments. After the new energy adjustment is over, you can participate in bargain hunting again. No matter how good the industry is, it is not a reason to chase up. To sum up: the market has changed, and some industries will make up for the increase, but it is not the reason for chasing the increase. If you miss it, don’t participate, and wait for the next cycle. Don't be so tired of tossing yourself forever, the car is driving in front, it's no use chasing you with your legs in the back, the car has been parked there for two months, but you don't care, you start it and think you missed it already?

Final summary

There is no fear in the market, no matter what the market index is, it is a high-low switch, and it will also be an industry rotation. As ordinary investors, we should lower our expectations. When they are flat at the bottom, you will open positions in batches. When they rise, they will be distributed in batches when they reach the overvalued area. Personal opinion, not investment basis. Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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