Today, A-shares play at 30 points for a day. What will happen to A-shares tomorrow?

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Today, A-shares play at 30 points for a day. What will happen to A-shares tomorrow?

Introduction: Today, A-shares play at 30 points for a day. What will happen to A-shares tomorrow?

Today, the trend of A shares is still sluggish, and the index has been weak and fluctuated for a day. The subject stocks on the disk are not sustainable. The old energy stocks such as coal and gas, which led the decline last Friday, led the gains, and the market style switched too quickly. After all, it is the reason for the weakness of the market. It's a bit ridiculous that Huawei said last Friday that it "pierced the sky", but the concept stocks went out after only one day of fire. The market's longing sentiment is still insufficient, and it can only rise every day. Industry sectors that are stimulated by good news. The current lack of continuity in the market is the biggest problem at the moment. This kind of market that oscillates back and forth within 30 points a day is really sleepy, and I almost fell asleep during the session. However, the good thing is that the willingness of the market to plummet is not strong, but the confidence to do more is lacking.

Today, 30 points of A shares are played for a day

Today, the lowest point of the broader market is 3172 points, the highest point is 3199 points, and it is basically maintained at 30 points throughout the day Vibration within the point. There are three main reasons for this trend. Reason 1: Technically, the broader market is currently in a downward trend, and funds do not dare to blindly go long. However, the good thing is that the market has been shrinking continuously, which means that there is not much room for the market to fall, but there is no incremental capital to enter the market to create a market that continues to rise. Reason 2: In terms of capital, the northbound capital has flowed out sharply today, which has caused a certain pressure on the market. The domestic capital, which has been selling all the time, is even more afraid to move when it sees northbound capital. Investors are also driven by this emotion, and they dare not trade easily. Reason 3: On the disk, the rhythm of the market is relatively messy, and there is no obvious main line for funds to go long. The rhythm of the market is too chaotic, putting pressure on funds to go long. The rotating rise of major industries is a consumption for long-term funds, and it is difficult to have a big market in this environment. The above three points are the main reasons for the weak and volatile A shares today. However, A-shares have been shrinking and declining continuously recently, and the short-selling momentum in the market is also insufficient, and the decline of A-shares is limited. As long as the bulls regain their confidence and organize offensive counterattacks, they can break through the immediate bottleneck and usher in a rise.

What will happen to A shares tomorrow?

Today, there are not many things to watch in the A-share market. The market all day long makes people drowsy. At this stage, there is basically nothing to say. It’s good to be patient with low-level industry sectors and individual stocks. Don’t be blind. You can chase up and down. In the short term, the support of the broader market is around 3154, the 240-week moving average, which happens to be around the previous low of 3155, and the market is expected to complete the bottoming around here; If it can be broken through, I think the probability of breaking through in the later stage is high. Don’t blindly cut positions, especially those that are still at a low level. Today, A-shares have not risen sharply mainly because there is no industry sector that can drive the index up. Therefore, if A-shares want to see a big rise tomorrow, they must pay attention to the varieties that can guide the market, such as financial stocks, big consumption and big technology. These types of plates are all at low levels, and the risk of latent dips is also small. These industry sectors can be focused on. Last month, I mainly tracked three major industry sectors, including technology stocks, metaverse, and digital economy. I will continue to track this month. Last week, I added food processing-based sectors. Large consumer sector, this may be a good choice for September. I have done one round of technology stocks, metaverse, and digital economy in the three major industry sectors last month. Now it is the second round. It is not expected to be higher than last month. This month, I am more inclined to the direction of large consumption, such as Food processing, liquor and beverage manufacturing, etc. This kind of direction is not yet obvious, but there are good trends in terms of performance and technical trends. Generally speaking, although the A-shares did not rise sharply today, the A-shares have been relatively resilient these few trading days. In the second half of last week, the market continued to increase. Today, the A-shares began to rebound slightly and are expected to continue the rebound tomorrow. Therefore, just wait for the counterattack of A shares this week. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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