Where will new energy be called back? No chance yet?

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Where will new energy be called back? No chance yet?

It is difficult for most investors to make a profit in stock trading, because it is impossible for people to overcome genes, no matter how you learn, the innate instinct, we can only adapt, and it is impossible to retrograde. It is human nature to chase up and down, and it is a foolish thing to suggest overestimating risks. For example, everyone's pursuit of taste is engraved on their genes. Some people like spicy food, and some people don't like spicy food. In investing, some people are patient, while others like to toss. There is no good or bad method, you just need to be suitable for yourself and be the champion.

New energy, what is the hype logic?

One point of view is that new energy is not overvalued. Like the logic of liquor, they are only relatively overvalued in the short term at most. From a business perspective or a financial perspective, they are all reasonably valued, and their rise is not due to performance, but changes in the market ecology. In 2018, what happened? Are there any old shareholders? As a reminder, it is related to the beautiful country. Since then, we have started to hype in a group, and institutions dominate the market. This is a big move and can resist risks. At the beginning of the year, in the face of the hurried international short-selling force, does anyone remember how to fight back? At 2863 points, the capital took the lead in the Hong Kong stock market, and the short-selling A-share capital suffered heavy losses and fell by 75% within the day. Why was there nothing in 2015, because at that time the pricing power was in the hands of retail investors. In 2022, we can do it with ease. In just two months, the index will return to 3400 points? The core reason is that there are two super tracks, plus a ballast stone. Baijiu rebounded with the Shanghai Composite Index, Baishui rebounded to 2,077 yuan, and new energy rebounded with double entrepreneurship, Ning returned to 550 yuan, BYD returned to 358 yuan, and there is a financial industry that is holding down the index to prevent a sharp rise. New energy, the penetration rate in the future, and the high economic expectations are all its valuation logic, so it is not overestimated. There is no industry that can be compared, even semiconductor technology. Where will

be called back?

New energy, if it rises too much, it will pull back. Short-term speculation means that if it rises too much, it will fall. Whether it is liquor or new energy, it is inseparable from this rule. Institutional funds have not left the market, and there will be speculation in the future. . It is very simple to speculate in stocks. When the space can be increased, the growth will be hyped. When the valuation ceiling is reached, it will not increase the space, but will create volatility. saute. New energy, liquor will be the case. According to the trend theory, the market may reverse, and it will continue to fluctuate and fall. If you want to re-enter the market, at least 50% of the retracement percentage of a round of rising, and the ideal position is 75%. To put it simply: 50 yuan rises to 100 yuan, a round of increase is 50 yuan, and the retracement percentage is 50%, which is back to 75 yuan. To sum up: new energy will continue to differentiate in the future. When some stocks have a 100% retracement percentage, they are not necessarily the bottom, so don’t buy the bottom easily. Most investors don’t learn to buy the bottom, but trade on the right side.

Final summary

Regarding the topic of bottom-hunting, the retracement rate that Xiaofan usually talks about is not the retracement percentage of the increase. I like it Simplify the complexity and start from zero, so it is more demanding and it is not easy to wait for the opportunity to open a position. Most of the time, I hold index funds, because they can also generate income. Only when the stock has a gold pit, I will open a position. The number of times I open a position in a year is about 2 times. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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