The three bearish reductions have been realized, A shares, the wash is coming to an end?

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The three bearish reductions have been realized, A shares, the wash is coming to an end?

Stock speculation and reduction of holdings have a very serious impact on investment sentiment, so ordinary retail investors try not to touch stocks that are often reduced. In early trading, the three major indices had no direction, just repeated inter-district fluctuations. This can only be called volatility, and there is no concept of ups and downs. There is a substantial outflow of northbound funds and industry differentiation, which is not a good market. It doesn't matter whether it rises or falls, the key is your own rhythm. There is no winner in today's market, and the industry that has risen is also the industry that fell before. It is a good thing to recover blood.

Three reductions have paid off

This disk is very delicate, the index does not fall or rise, and the new energy track continues to differentiate. Resource stocks rebounded, consumer stocks fell, and financial stocks waited. The three bearish reductions were realized on the disk, which almost determined the overall trend of the disk. Let me share with you: The first bearishness: Buffett reduced his holdings of BYD, and the auto industry chain is almost in a correction, so the new energy track is differentiated, photovoltaics , Electric power rose well, rebounded on the way down, or back pumping, everyone judges for themselves, do not want to say more. On the new energy track, when the adjustment of the car and battery is completed, a new round of hype can begin. The second negative: Guo Guangchang reduced his holdings in Fosun Pharma, which affected the logic of the new crown drug use and pharmaceutical industry. I don't know why you want to reduce your holdings at a low level? Whether it has something to do with the return of the hundreds of millions of financial coupons in the past, we small retail investors should not guess about this matter. It is really a headache to reduce our holdings, and it is impossible to prevent, so I don't like stocks, I like indexes. The third bad news: WuXi AppTec's huge reduction in holdings has been a continuous downturn recently. The progress of the reduction was announced last time, and it has not yet ended, which directly affects the trend of innovative drugs.

A shares, the wash is coming to an end?

On the disk, resource stocks rose very well. What is the reason? Everyone should know that it has something to do with polar bears. Winters in Europe are colder than usual. Buffett's reduction of new energy holdings and bargain hunting of traditional energy is not irrational, but deliberate. Food and beverages, medicine, hotels, and tourism all fell sharply. Affected by the sudden epidemic, will there be "Golden Nine Silver Ten" this year? It's not a bad thing. In September last year, on a trading day, the liquor index fell by 9%, which did not affect the subsequent rise. It has been shared that another 10% drop in liquor is a golden pit. The logic is based on the fact that the water of the Chihe River breaks the year line. It is expected that there will always be a final chop, because consumer stocks are indeed difficult to bear. Once there is a little bit of news, the main force will cherish it very much and smash the market with heart. When he appeared, he was still full of sighs. Today is another big bowl of noodles. You don't need to stare at the plate to know. The main force in the future likes to use the method of breaking the position and washing the market. Last year, the market index was near the annual line, and technical analysts were repeatedly harvested. Personal point of view, if you break the position, you can buy the bottom in batches. I like to buy in the bearish lineup on the moving averages, with the big black line accelerating down, provided it's in the bottom area. To sum up: on the premise that the broader market index did not fall deeply, the wash is coming to an end. The Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 fell below 2,700 points, and the liquor fell below the annual line. Everything was just fine. Continue to fall, is the real oversold zone.

Final summary

The outflow of northbound capital is 6 billion. If there is a decline, we must face it. If there is no squat, there will be no rebound. Space, 2863 o'clock has survived, still afraid of this position? There is no need to copy homework. Everyone has different styles and tolerances. When they fall, they feel different. Friends who are afraid of floating losses, it is best to trade on the right side, and it is best not to invest in stocks, because there are risks in stocks, and there will be declines. What's more, you have done a good job in warehouse management. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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