Stocks, what are you buying? How hard is it to build a trading system?

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Stocks, what are you buying? How hard is it to build a trading system?

Stocks, what are you doing? Many friends have been speculating in stocks for a lifetime, but they still don't know what they are doing? Get caught up in the candlesticks, numbers, symbols, chips. Having participated in the stock market for several years and decades, do you really understand? I plan to make a collection to share my little bit of experience. The thing about stock trading is full of bitterness and loneliness, and I can only do it myself. Share a little bit, but do good deeds, don't ask about the future.

What to buy in stocks?

The general direction cannot be wrong, know the top-level logic of each market, select stocks from top to bottom, and examine the objective laws of the A-share market. If this problem is not solved, you will be full of confusion, not knowing where the big ship of A shares is heading? In this world, only history repeats itself, nothing new. In the first few decades of U.S. stocks, like the current A-share market, the main line of market speculation was consumer stocks and financial stocks, and then transferred to technology stocks. Then the big direction is coming! The core engine of US stocks is technology stocks. Whether it is Microsoft, Google, Apple, Qualcomm, Intel and other well-known companies, it is the core driving force for US stocks to fluctuate upwards. What are A shares? It's simple, consume! We do not have excellent technology companies, but we have excellent consumer companies. This is the reality. We have a population of 1.4 billion and are the consumer market for many products in the world. Even BBA, Apple, and Tesla are obsessed with our market. This is the top-level logic. A-shares, the pattern of the past three decades, is that countless state-owned enterprises and central enterprises have supported the index. What is the core engine of Hong Kong stocks? Medical, Internet technology. If Hong Kong stocks do not participate in these two industries, it is difficult for you to have excess returns. Just like A-shares, in the past 30 years, you have not participated in the consumption of blue-chip stocks, so it is difficult to obtain excess returns. It is a shock upward, outperforming inflation, with an average increase of 20 to 30 times. Therefore, if the general direction is wrong, if you hold a cyclical stock such as PetroChina for a long time, or a technology stock with unstable performance, you will most likely take the elevator. 95% of A-shares have no investment value. They are listed for the purpose of financing and cashing out. Running a business is not the purpose. It is better to harvest in the capital market. Only consumer stocks are not willing to go public and share profits with shareholders. Whether it is Wahaha or Laoganma and other companies, many of the listed consumer stocks have the background of state-owned assets and are only local tasks. This is the case for many food and beverages. There is a saying in A shares that profitable companies do not want to go public, and listed companies no longer want to be companies.

How difficult is it to build a trading system?

In the future, what is the direction of A shares? Brief summary: two tracks, plus a ballast stone. It will not change in the short term. The consumer stock market represented by food and beverages and medicines, and the new energy market represented by automobiles, batteries, and electricity, etc., the ballast stone is financial stocks such as securities and banks. The purpose is to increase the index. If it goes up, I will smash the market and prevent the index from rising rapidly. It has been around 3000 points. There is no risk. Financial stocks, when they rise sharply, should press the market, especially securities, if the market rises to a certain position, it will definitely hit the market! In this way, they can support the market when they fall sharply. Investors who like this index tool, especially analysts, really have flaws in investment logic. Like the index rise, isn't it bad to hold the index directly? With the top-level logic, it is possible to build a trading system. It is very difficult. It took me more than 10 years to have a system of my own, and it continues to improve. From holding stocks to starting heavy positions in indexes, it is also a kind of Shift, in order to adapt to the institutional age, registration system. Xiaofan's trading system is to count the moon, not the stars, seize the top track of the market, set self-limits, circle yourself within the scope of cognition, and dig deep into it. Liquor and new energy are the most talked about in recent years. industry. For consumer stocks, my core is to study liquor and medicine, with high-end liquor, precious traditional Chinese medicine, and medical aesthetics as the core. The trading system is to take something and not take something. It's very difficult, I need to enjoy loneliness, there are so many daily limit boards, I can't meet one in a year, so many industries that are rising, I have to suppress my jealousy, only 10% of the satisfaction for half a year, and the average annualization is only 25%... Difficult It's not the system, but the mentality. Who doesn't want to get rich quickly, who wants to be an ascetic like Xiaofan and run a marathon?

After the final summary

, I will update an article every weekend, share a little bit, and I will tell everyone without reservation, why I am not afraid of you copying homework, because most people If you can’t copy it, you can’t copy your practice and experience. So, is it worth reading? It depends on what you can realize. These are the right ways in the world. I also taught the thinking of the masters who taught me before. I also suffered a lot. To those masters who manipulate the stock market, I have shared it before. Concepts and cognitions cannot be changed overnight, they are imperceptible. As long as you stick to one thing, you are not afraid of difficulties. Many people's wealth only starts to accumulate after the age of 40, because their cognition has improved. Thank you all for your donations last week. Thank you very much. No matter the amount, it is a great encouragement to yourself. I am paranoid, and the things I share are a bit anti-human and not very pleasing. For a long time, I have received almost no appreciation. After I said it last time, I found that there are still many friends who support it recently. Thank you again! I hope everyone can have their own trading system and model in the A-share market, and not be harvested. We all have a family behind us and we need to guard them. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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