A piece of bad news is coming, A shares, the market forecast for next week

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A piece of bad news is coming, A shares, the market forecast for next week

In stock trading, there is a linkage between the markets. The fall of US stocks has less and less impact on A shares. Only call auctions and half an hour of opening may be affected. The market is very tortuous, the market index has not fallen sharply, it is only 100 points, and the stock has fallen a lot. The reason is that the hype has reached a high level, and it has to be chased up. This is related to cognition, not technology or the market. Stock trading, this thing can't be taught, don't expect anyone to lead you, only self-realization.

Bad news came, and U.S. stocks fell again

On Friday, U.S. stocks rose and fell, and the three major indexes all fell by more than 1 %, with a cumulative decline of about 3% in a week. For US stocks, this drop is not too much. The industry is still rotating, and two-way trading does not mean that they have losses. Industry differentiation, three consecutive weekly declines, and technology stocks continued to decline, which is somewhat related to a restriction on chip exports. A-share chips will definitely rise. Since they participate, the expectation is doubled. The time may be one year or three years, and the operation will be repeated until the expectation is realized. The Nasdaq fell back to 11,600 points. In a sense, investing in the index, the bottom position is easy to take the elevator, including playing with funds, so I generally do not fill the position, but use the floating position to roll and conduct a grid, as long as there are fluctuations Profit, don't care about ups and downs, so don't copy homework. For some indices, I won't even keep the bottom position, so I just use T+0 as a grid.

A shares, market forecast for next week

Personal opinion, the market will continue to fluctuate next week. Because the heavyweight stocks are about to start, whether it is a comprehensive registration system or "Mao Assets", but before the start, retail investors must not be optimistic about them and fully wash their hands. The Mid-Autumn Festival is next week, although only one trading day is affected. The news of the price increase of liquor is expected to fail again. How many years have you not raised the price? Baijiu, my point of view remains the same. In the position I shared last time, another 10% drop is a gold pit, but I chose to trade sideways, flipping over the liquor index, a standard sideways box in a small area. The K line converges to the triangle, and within a week or two, there is a high probability that it will change and determine the direction. Either dig down and then rise, or rise directly, why? Just like the logic of new energy, if cars and batteries don't rise, how will the industrial chain rise later, the blue-chip stocks on the main board all look at the face of Baijiu. The market has no direction, don't guess the ups and downs, the industry is mainly rotated, try to avoid the overvalued industry, this market is not necessarily profitable, where does the courage come from? Hot spots will be "one-day tours", and the track will be called back collectively. To sum up: the amount of land and the price of land, many people have analyzed is the characteristics of the lowest point, I do not guess this, guess the bottom of the market is not the way to trade. The broader market composite index does not represent the industry index. Many industries and many stocks have fallen below 2863 points. Even if the market index rebounds by 300 points, it will repeat the 2863-point rebound and the comedy of emptiness.

Final summary

is 3200 points. From a medium and long-term perspective, it is easy to lay out, and it is enough to hold the stock until it rises. In the short term, this kind of volatile market should be controlled and less frequent participation. There is no clear direction and no trading volume. Hot spots are difficult to sustain. . When investing in stocks, you must clearly know your own style. This person’s A-share position is full of uncertainty. The market position is very low, which does not mean that the market will be good. stock. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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