The turnover is less than 750 billion. Will A shares hit a new low next week?

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The turnover is less than 750 billion. Will A shares hit a new low next week?

In Friday's market, the market index fluctuated slightly, stocks generally rose, and the two cities continued to shrink. It was already a freezing point of emotion. Most people lost patience with this bottoming market. Most investors would rather the market plummet than find the bottom in this way. If only discussing the index and the fluctuation of dozens of points, does it make sense to predict the ups and downs?

The transaction volume is less than 750 billion

The transaction volume is 746.6 billion, which is already the land price and the market has no emotions. Wait and see the atmosphere Very strong, this volume, there will be no action to lift the index, everything will have to wait for next week. On the disk, the industry rotates frequently, and the industry that rose on Thursday started to adjust. An inexplicable piece of news has become the fuse of the rebound in the communication industry. It is not considered sustainable. However, in the technology industry, it is worth noting that computer equipment and semiconductor equipment are the foundation of technology. There is a high probability that you can participate, and it has been adjusted. If it falls too much, it is good. There is no industry good or bad. Food and beverages and finance are not considered to be smashing, nor are they rising. There is no volatility, and they are neither up nor down. Hong Kong stocks rose in late trading, and A-shares also turned red. With this volume, the two markets could only stay warm. The northbound funds did not make any moves. The recent market prices were all high in the early trading, and then fell back. After the fall, they will rise. It is a very standard shock direction. The shutdown of the new energy track has made funds a headless fly. Everyone must be patient. The main players hope that the market will have a new direction more than retail investors.

Will A-shares make new lows next week?

Personal point of view, it will still fluctuate next week, and it is likely that there will be a new low, which is 3155. The K-line has been falling continuously and unilaterally, so I believe this trend is more important than any fantasy. I don’t have much expectations in September, and I will be satisfied without losing money this month. There is little room for the index to fall, and it does not make much sense. In the medium and long term, just ignore such fluctuations, hold stocks to rise, and grasp the law of industry rotation in the short term. I still insist on rolling half warehouses, this view remains unchanged. When it hits high, it will fall, and when it bottoms, it will rise. The broader market index is not important at all. The core is your own holding rhythm. Some chips at the bottom will fluctuate repeatedly. before, will let you know what the darkness before dawn is. Whether it is liquor or medicine, it needs to wash the market, and will not let the retail investors who hold it calm down. In this market, anyone can make a profit by bottom-hunting, so will there be people chasing the price? The bottom area, the same torment. To sum up: next week, A-shares will continue to adjust, and the index will hit a new low, which may not be impossible. Even so, there is only a few dozen points of space, so there is no fear of tossing. If people are uneasy, it means that you are not suitable. Maybe the position is too heavy and needs to be reduced.

Final summary

The shocking market is so torturous, don't participate if you don't like it, it is also part of the market. Although the K line has more negative lines, it only fell from 3300 points to 3186 points, a drop of 100 points, not even small fluctuations, only sideways shocks. Everyone has their own style, with different personalities, expectations, funds, and styles. I like to fluctuate sideways. Just personal preference does not mean that this market is a good market. Original is not easy, please do not move, welcome to forward! Thank you for your likes and attention, so that you will receive updates as soon as possible next time... Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

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