A-shares shrink and adjust, and semiconductors recover to support the market. Can A-shares rebound in the afternoon?

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A-shares shrink and adjust, and semiconductors recover to support the market. Can A-shares rebound in the afternoon?

Overnight, the European and American stock markets fell across the board. Affected by this, A-shares opened lower today and moved lower. The broader market once stepped back to 3270 points. So far, semiconductor-based technology stocks have recovered rapidly, pulling up and rebounding. Judging from the current technical structure of the market, the market still maintains an upward trend, and I think there is no need to worry about the callback within the upward trend, but it is an opportunity to increase positions and buy low. The style of the entire market is still the style of the rotation of the major industry sectors. As long as it does not chase the high, there is basically no big problem.

A-share shrinkage adjustment

may be adjusted in early trading, plus today is Thursday, some people I can't panic when the stock market falls, thinking that A-shares will also fall sharply today. However, those who are careful can find that the adjustment of A shares in early trading is shrinking. Judging from the trend of the broader market this week, the volume is increased when the shock rises, and the volume is reduced when the shock is adjusted. This is obviously a major wash, and the broader market is in an upward trend. We should not be afraid of shrinking adjustments, but should seize the opportunity. The major indexes did not change much, and the main force washed the market through shocks, increasing the trading volume and turnover rate of individual stocks in the market. Under this structure, the market outlook of A shares will not be too bad.

Semiconductor warming protection plate

Now many people prefer the direction of the new energy track, new energy vehicles, photovoltaics and other varieties. However, the stocks rising in this direction are basically compensatory stocks. I think this is a signal that the new energy track market is coming to an end. Such stocks should lighten their positions. Instead, we should pay attention to the recovery of semiconductors. There are signs that the market's hot spots are turning to the technology industry sectors such as semiconductors and chips. I have noticed this at the beginning of the month, and I have been tracking this direction in the article. Today's semiconductors are picking up in the session, which is similar to the rhythm when the broader market adjusted semiconductors but rose against the market at the beginning of the month. Today, the rebound of the semiconductor market is also rising against the market, and the market has stopped falling near 3270 points, which has a certain effect of supporting the market. This means that technology stocks represented by semiconductors are the mainstream industry sectors in the current market. If you choose individual stocks to trade in this direction, it will be much easier to make a profit. After a wave of acceleration, the profit will expand rapidly.

Can A-shares rebound in the afternoon?

Due to factors such as the decline of European and American stock markets, the rotation of major industry sectors and the outflow of foreign capital, A-shares experienced a shock and correction. However, this callback is a shrinking amount, and I think A shares can rebound in the afternoon and get out of the "V" market. The main reasons are as follows. Reason 1: Technically, the market correction is shrinking, and the 60-minute trend chart has a certain support on the 30-minute moving average, and it is easy to rebound under the adjustment of shrinking. Reason 2: On the disk, technology stocks moved again. This is similar to what happened when the broader market built a bottom at the beginning of the month. The rebound of technology stocks as a mainstream industry sector can also drive the broader market to rebound. If securities stocks can assist, A shares may be able to replicate the trend on August 5 or August 11, pulling out a mid-to-long Yang line. Based on the above analysis, I believe that the adjustment of A-shares today is an opportunity, and the rebound height of technology stocks determines the upward space and market trend of the broader market. Hidden technology stocks well before the market accelerates, and then lift the sedan when it accelerates, it may be too late. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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