A shares fluctuated in heavy volume, is it a wash? Still shipping? This phenomenon, A shares may rise sharply tomorrow

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A shares fluctuated in heavy volume, is it a wash? Still shipping? This phenomenon, A shares may rise sharply tomorrow

Introduction: A shares fluctuated in heavy volume, is it a wash? Still shipping? Due to this phenomenon, A-shares may rise sharply tomorrow

Today, A-shares continue to experience high-volume fluctuations, and the index rises in high-volume fluctuations on the back of Big Finance. However, the profit-making effect of the disk has not been effectively improved, and individual stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen are mixed, and the sentiment of the market bulls is still suppressed. The reason why A-shares staged this kind of boiled frog market is mainly because the market differentiation is too serious, resulting in inconsistent opinions on both sides. Some people think that this strong shock of A shares is a sellout; some people think that this is a wash. Of course, the current market style of A-shares has also led to a strongly differentiated market in A-shares. Major industry sectors are still rising in the form of rotation. field. However, judging from the inflow of northbound funds, A-shares still maintain a volatile upward trend.

A shares fluctuated in heavy volume, is it a wash? Still shipping?

The volatile and rising style of A-shares may be difficult to change for a while, mainly due to the lack of mainstream industry sectors to stand up to assist the index. After the securities rose to lift the index, the market remained calm, and no other industry sector stood up to assist the index to rise. . Now many people have great resistance to securities stocks, because before that, every time the securities rose, many people would be trapped, so many people thought that A shares would adjust after seeing the rise of securities stocks. A-shares have been experiencing heavy volume fluctuations for two consecutive days. Those who think that A-shares are shipping these two days have probably already lightened their positions and fled, while those who think that A-shares are wash-offs or blind people continue to hold shares. From my personal perspective, the A-shares' heavy-volume and volatile behavior in the past two days, I think there are three main reasons for the stock-washing. Reason 1: Technically, the rising market confirms the rising trend, and the general direction of A shares is rising. During this period, the shock adjustment cannot affect the rising behavior on the trend. Reason 2: Emotionally, the emotions of the long and short sides in the market are struggling and the differences are relatively large. Only a positive line or a negative line can change the position of the long and short sides. When the market is divergent, it's usually an opportunity to buy. Reason 3: In terms of capital, the northbound capital has been running into the market in the past few days. Foreign investors are bullish on A-shares at this stage, thinking that there is still room for A-shares in the later stage. On the whole, there is no problem with the three major indices of A-shares, and the individual stocks on the disk are not very large. I continue to be optimistic about the market outlook, and low-level stocks can be held with peace of mind, and I can wait patiently for the rebound.

This phenomenon, A shares may rise sharply tomorrow

After the market established an upward trend last week, the market has maintained a volatile rise this week. However, I found a good phenomenon, A shares may rise sharply tomorrow. This good phenomenon is that although A-shares remain volatile this week, the overall trend is upward shock. After last week's 60-minute chart of the broader market confirmed the uptrend, this week's daily line has also repaired the bullish trend. Now the market index index has stood on all the moving averages below the 60-day moving average. These moving averages have become support from the previous resistance and will continue to open up space. Then, the pressure on the market in the next stage will be around the annual line of 3400, and it is expected that the market will challenge the 3400 mark next. Today, the sharp rise in the securities sector shows that the market has limited room for decline. The market only needs a medium and long Yang Xian to reach our target, 3400 points. Now the direction I follow has not changed, it is still the three major industry directions of technology stocks, metaverse, and digital economy. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets still maintain a trillion-level trading volume. Don't be cowardly, just do it! A shares are not happy if they do not do more. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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