There is a good phenomenon that high-level track stocks are slumping. Can A-shares rebound next week?

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There is a good phenomenon that high-level track stocks are slumping. Can A-shares rebound next week?

Introduction: High-level track stocks sold off. There is a good phenomenon. Can A-shares rebound next week?

Today, the three major A-share indexes opened lower and moved lower, and the broader market remained within a narrow range, but the ChiNext Index has pulled back sharply. The main reason here is that new energy track stocks account for a relatively large proportion of the GEM, and such high-level track stocks slumped, resulting in a sharp correction in the GEM index. Judging from the market structure of the entire A-share market, the overall market has maintained a volatile and organized market, and the state of the market is still dominated by the rotation of major industry sectors. In this case, due to the insufficient ability of the industry sector to continue rising, we will also have difficulties in the operation process. We cannot change the style of the market, we can only change ourselves to conform to the rhythm of the market. My suggestion is that in the volatile market, we should not track too many sectors, and don't scratch the eyebrows. It is basically the same as following the three or less industry sectors that we are familiar with. In the turbulent market, the major industry sectors rotate, and one person has limited energy, and many cannot take care of it. Under normal circumstances, people who like to chase the market will basically look at all the rising sectors, so that it is easy to get into the trap of the main force.

There is a good phenomenon

Today, the market fluctuated and pulled back, but the overall situation was fine. However, as many as 3,000 individual stocks fell on the disk, the market's profit-making effect was not optimistic. Especially for those track stocks that are following the trend, the sudden long Yinxian sells and suppresses the market's bullish sentiment. However, today's A shares also have a phenomenon. This good phenomenon is mainly reflected in the broader market. Although today's A shares are on a downward adjustment rhythm, judging from the trend of the broader market, the market's willingness to fall is not strong when the track stocks sell off. Judging from the time-sharing chart of the broader market, today is basically a state of smashing waves and pulling waves. This also means that funds are likely to be switching high and low. Therefore, the downside of the broader market is limited. Don't panic too much about today's A-share adjustment. I know that many people are very disappointed with A-shares now, and even despair. This week, the market's life-threatening shock has consumed a lot of patience. However, looking at the historical market, most big rebounds are basically born out of despair.

Can A-shares rebound next week?

After today's adjustment, many people's expectations for A-shares next week may have been lowered. I think it doesn't matter. Because the market is still in a rising trend structure. The rising trend of the broader market still depends on the technical chart at the 60-minute level. From a technical point of view, the broader market may step back around the 60-minute moving average at 3244 points next week, and then start a rebound. The 60-minute moving average of the broader market is the trend line of the rising market. As long as this key moving average does not fall below, the broader market is still in a rising trend structure. Therefore, there is a technical correction in the broader market on this basis, which is still an opportunity to buy low. Today's correction of A-shares will not disturb my bullish view of A-shares. In addition to the technically rising trend structure, there are two reasons. Reason 1: In terms of capital, although there has been an adjustment in A shares today, northbound capital is still inflow. This means that northbound funds are using the A-share pullback to buy the bottom, and continue to be optimistic about the A-share market outlook in the medium and long term. Reason 2: Emotionally, the decline of A-shares today is mainly caused by the collective decline of high-level stocks. In fact, the decline of high-level stocks is not terrible. After the profit is released, it is an opportunity for low-level sectors and individual stocks. There is one experience, I can tell you, according to my observation, the high-level stocks to compensate for the decline means that the market is about to bottom out and will soon usher in a rebound. Based on the above points of view, I think that A shares will usher in a rebound next week after stepping back near 3244 points. Another phenomenon we need to pay attention to is that since the beginning of August, when technology stocks rose, the broader market rose, and when technology stocks fell, the broader market fell. Next week, if the technology stocks of A shares rise, and the brokerage sector is superimposed, the broader market will easily pull out a Changyang. The high-level track stocks have adjusted, and I think the low-level technology stocks will still have opportunities. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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