A shares opened low and moved high, virtual reality ushered in the wind, market analysis in the afternoon

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A shares opened low and moved high, virtual reality ushered in the wind, market analysis in the afternoon

Introduction: A shares opened low and moved high, virtual reality ushered in the wind, afternoon market analysis

Today, the three major A shares were affected by last week's panic Opened lower, but made a strong move higher during the session. This trend is in line with our expectations of the content of the review last Friday. The market just dropped to the 60-minute moving average near the 60-minute level and began to rebound. The market index is still above the 60-minute moving average, which means that the market is still in a rising trend structure. Don't worry that the market will fall. A correction is an opportunity to buy low. This point, the trend of northbound funds can prove that the northbound funds continued to flow in when the A shares were adjusted last Friday, and today the northbound funds continued to flow in, indicating that the northbound funds were above the 60-minute average of the broader market and still maintained the action of bottom-hunting. Follow the rhythm of northbound funds, not to mention big fish and meat, it is still okay to drink some soup.

Virtual reality ushered in the wind

On the disk, stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen rose more and fell less, but investors who chased the new energy track stocks last week today May not be happy, because these directions are in a state of adjustment. For this direction, my article on news interpretation on Saturday has already suggested risks. Today, virtual reality ushered in a surge, spurred by good news over the weekend, and became the market's outlet. The reason why virtual reality can soar today is because it has two trends, one is the stimulus of good news, and the other is that the technical advantage of the sector is relatively low. Then, if you think about it according to this line of thinking, the real estate industry sector at a relatively low level also has certain low-suction opportunities. For virtual reality, I have also been following it. Virtual reality is one of the branches of the metaverse industry. It can rise. Apart from the fact that the industry sector encounters good news at a low level, the larger background of the rise lies in the future industry development of the metaverse. . Therefore, for the low-level industry sectors, there are prospects in the future, and the potential benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Regarding the interpretation of the news, we cannot simply see the good news and think it will rise. New energy vehicles also have good news on the weekend, but the sector is at a high level, and the main force may use the good news to ship. Today, the new energy track market is far worse than virtual reality. To put it bluntly, this is a game of capital after all, and it is also good news. I am definitely inclined to the low-end plate. Then, we need to track and pay attention.

Afternoon market analysis

For the A-share market in early trading, it can be said that it is half iceberg and half flame, and the industry sectors leading the gains are basically relatively low sectors , while the high-level battery, photovoltaic and other new energy industry sectors led the decline, and the funds were obviously switched between high and low. This is also related to the recent style of market rotation. Therefore, the main strategy in the operation process is to sell high and buy low, and hold stocks at low positions. The decline of the high-level sector, the index is not affected, but rises, I think it is a good thing. I have shared with you an experience, the high sector catches a fall, which means that the index has bottomed out. So, today's A shares are in this state. Therefore, we must learn from northbound funds and dare to buy low or increase positions. If we can capture the new cycle of the market, we can eat a big meat. I am relatively objective about the afternoon market, because the market rebound in the morning is heavy volume, as long as one or two large plate indexes are activated, they can close in Changyang. Then, in the afternoon, the main observation is whether there is a large plate to pull up and assist the broader market index to break through the pressure near the 60-day line. There are two major sectors that are expected to rise in the afternoon. The one I can think of now is technology stocks and the other is securities stocks. Because when the market bottomed out at the beginning of the month, these two large plates played a key role. It would be easier for the broader market to challenge 3,400 if the market can kickstart tech and brokerage stocks. Otherwise, the trend is volatile and upward, although the index does not have much risk, but many people have little patience in the grinding market. Based on the viewpoints of the whole article, I am more inclined to the industry sectors that are lurking at low prices and attracting low prices for A shares. Currently, I am tracking the three major sectors of the Metaverse, Technology, and Digital Economy. The securities sector can only be tracked for a short period of time to protect The role of disk or assist index breakthrough. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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