On the weekend, the three major news came to fruition. Will the A shares still rise next week?

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On the weekend, the three major news came to fruition. Will the A shares still rise next week?

The weather this year is too hot, although the season is already autumn, but the pace of summer is still on the way. If not, there is an air conditioner at home, and it is estimated that when you turn on the computer to find news, your bottoms will be wet. Every weekend, reading news has become my habit. On Sundays, I will open the financial news one by one, and if I see valuable news, I will bring it out and talk about it.

Three major news came to fruition over the weekend!

News 1: Social finance data in July was lower than expected. Simply put, there are fewer people taking out loans. The biggest impact here is the real estate and banking sectors. The demand for real estate has not improved, which is one of the main problems at present. From the data point of view, it is bad news for A shares. However, the real estate industry is in a downturn, and for the liquid funds in the market, it will flow to another market with investment behavior. A-shares and real estate are not tied together. Real estate has boomed in the past decade, but A-shares have been hovering around 3,000. I assume that if the real estate downturn, A shares will continue to strengthen. In fact, I am not pessimistic about the current trend of A shares, but believe that this stage is the start of a new round of rising market. This point, we have already determined when the 60-minute moving average of the 60-minute level is on the four-day market this week. The broader market has resumed its upward trend and will not be easily reversed in the absence of extremely bad news or systemic risks. Therefore, I firmly believe that the market will have a structural rally. News 2: Technology stocks usher in good news. In an article in the Economic Daily, I saw an article that concluded that the US chip bill cannot stop "Chinese chips". I am not professional about chip science and technology, so I will not talk about the progress of domestic chip technology. However, from the actual data, we can see that although we have been limited by the method of "stuck neck" for 4 years, the development of Chinese chips is faster. Data show that in the past four quarters, 19 of the world's 20 fastest-growing chip industry companies are mainland Chinese companies. Technology stocks such as semiconductors, chips, photoresist, etc., we found signs of rising at the beginning of the month. Now, all major sectors have rushed to the annual line, and I think there is still more room for the follow-up. The Economic Daily published an article, I think this is not only a game in science and technology, but also a game at a higher level. News 3: Many Banks Launched Digital Collections The concept of digital collections may be unfamiliar to everyone. Conceptually, domestic digital collections are admission tickets to the Metaverse, but digital collections are in the domestic alliance chain, and the blockchain technology related. At present, there are more than 700 domestic digital collection platforms, and some institutions have done statistics. In 2021, the domestic digital collection market will be 150 million yuan, and it is expected to reach 15 billion yuan in 2026. This data also has good expectations for related concept stocks in the A-share market. Regarding the direction of the metaverse, I started tracking it in mid-to-late July. Since the plate is at a low level, I have not given up, and I will continue to track it. Recently, Guoguang Electric, which is more representative in this direction, should be out of the three-link board.

Next week, will A shares still rise?

At the current stage of A-shares, some people think that the direction is still unclear, and they think that there will be a correction. It cannot be said that others are wrong. After all, my own judgment also needs to be verified by the market. I think A-shares will rise next week. The main reason is that the A-share market has established an upward trend, and the trading volume of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has returned to the level of nearly one trillion, and northbound funds are also in a state of continuous inflow. It shows that after the market has established an upward trend, there will be incremental funds entering the market, which can ensure that the market has a certain sustainability in the later period. I will not draw those various technical graphics. The important content and viewpoints have basically been mentioned in the previous articles. My article is not jumping. Regardless of the market or the sector, I will not talk about this today or which will be tomorrow. As long as I choose it, I will follow it until I think the market may end. I firmly believe! Next week, A shares will continue to rise! The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly.

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