Unexpectedly bad! It may be an opportunity. Whether A shares can be strong mainly depends on this point.

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Unexpectedly bad! It may be an opportunity. Whether A shares can be strong mainly depends on this point.

Introduction: Bad news! Perhaps it is an opportunity. Whether A-shares can be strong mainly depends on this.

A-shares ushered in a bad news. Last night, the European and American stock markets fell sharply. Under the influence of panic, A-shares opened lower, and foreign capital outflows led to more Many people panicked, and then the shock fell. The good thing is that A-shares did not plummet like the peripheral stock markets, but fluctuated slightly, allowing investors to decide to stay or stay. Judging from the performance of the three major indices of A-shares, the slump in the external stock market has little impact on it. The trend of A shares is stronger and more stable than that of European and American stock markets. The entire disk style of A-shares is still dominated by the rotation of major industry sectors, which is difficult for investors who are chasing up, but there are still many opportunities for investors who are low-sucking.

Maybe it's an opportunity

Faced with the decline in the stock market, many people feel that A-shares are weak and not rigid. I think on the contrary, since April, the trend of A-shares has been relatively independent. At that time, the US stocks continued to fall, while the A-shares continued to rise. The market once rushed above 3400 points. I think this time is no exception, and the market will challenge it. 3400 points. The main reasons are as follows: Reason 1: Technically, although the broader market maintains a volatile pattern, the overall market is still in an upward trend. In this rising market, the rising trend line of the market is the 60-minute moving average line at the 60-minute level. As long as the market does not fall below the 60-minute moving average line, the overall trend of the market is still upward. This was verified yesterday. Yesterday, the market stepped back to the vicinity of the 60-minute moving average and began to rebound, indicating that the market's 60-minute moving average had some support, and the bulls in the market would struggle to resist. Reason 2: Although A-shares encountered the bad news of the sharp drop in the external stock market today, there was no plummeting market. Instead, brokerages took the initiative to stand up several times to support the market. This shows that the bulls in the market are still working hard to resist the downside of the peripheral stock market, and do not want A shares to fall. In view of the above two reasons, today's A shares may be an opportunity when they encounter the bad news of a sudden drop in the external stock market. Aggressive investors can consider bottom-hunting, and cautious investors can wait for the broader market to step back on the 60-minute moving average before buying the bottom.

Whether A-shares can be strong mainly depends on this point

At present, A-shares, the rotation style of major industry sectors prevents the market from showing a strong trend. The industry sectors that lead the rise every day are basically those that are stimulated by news. Today, gas, natural gas, and oil and gas exploration rose due to the news. In this market style, although the sectors stimulated by good news rose well, funds did not dare to chase highs, the sectors were not sustainable, and they did not play a big role in the index. In my opinion, whether A shares can be strong depends mainly on this point, that is, can technology stocks rise? Why do I say this? Because, the rebound of the broader market from the beginning of the month is the leading role of technology stocks. We can see that technology stocks have contributed to the Changyang line of the broader market on August 5 and August 11. I remember that the two mid-to-long yang lines of the broader market were completed by the brokerage after the technology stocks rose, and then the securities companies assisted the broader market. Therefore, I can think that tech stocks are at the heart of this broader uptrend. The brokerage sector supported the market in the morning, and if the technology stocks could make an assist in the afternoon, it would not be a big problem for the broader market to close out the mid- to long-yang line today. Now, I have good news for you all! In the case of A-shares falling in peripheral stocks, the bulls of the market struggled to resist and completed the reversal, and the market changed from falling to rising, which is a strong signal. After this Yang Xian came out, investors were more confident. In short, A shares are still in an upward trend, and the callback is an opportunity to buy low. However, during this period of time, we should pay attention to the thunderous performance disclosed in the interim report. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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