Today, the broader market closed at the star line. Will A shares still rise next week?

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Today, the broader market closed at the star line. Will A shares still rise next week?

Introduction: Today, the broader market closed at the star line. Will A-shares continue to rise next week?

A-shares have experienced a volatile and differentiated market after yesterday's sharp rise. Yesterday, the securities sector, which surged due to the favorable registration system, is also in differentiation today. It is reported that the comprehensive registration system will be implemented on the weekend, and the groundless news has been denied, so today the securities sector began to differentiate. In fact, it doesn't matter if the news is true or not. The news is just a match. The main thing is whether the firewood works. Judging from the current state of rotation of A shares, there are signs of recent strong sectors being rotated. Therefore, the callback after the rise in the securities sector may still be an opportunity, and the broader market is expected to continue to rise next week. Today, A-shares are struggling more, and individual stocks in the two cities are mixed, and the profit-making effect of the disk has been reduced. However, after the market resumed its uptrend yesterday, the downside is limited and the downside risk is limited.

Today, the broader market closed at the star line

Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fluctuated within a narrow range. Due to the rapid rotation of the industry sectors, the broader market oscillated at the star line. On the disk, sector rotation is the main feature of A-shares recently. Securities stocks and technology stocks, which led the gains yesterday, saw a slight adjustment. Coal, oil and gas, combustible ice and other cyclical stocks appeared at the top of the gainer list. The entire disk is still high selling. A state of low suction. However, I can find that no matter how the sector switches, the broader market cannot fall. When the market is adjusted, it will raise a weighted sector to support the market. In the morning, it is mainly cyclical stocks to support the market, and in the afternoon, the real estate and infrastructure sectors are respectively raised to support the market. Therefore, the index is safe. Now that A shares have established a rising trend, even if there is a small adjustment in the intraday period, there is no need to panic, and don't blindly chase up and down in operation. Like the adjustment of the technology sector today, I think there is no problem. As the main industry sector, adjustment is still an opportunity to get on the bus.

Next week, will A shares still rise?

Today, the shock and differentiation of A-shares made people confused and confused. The adjustment of the main line section made the whole disk feel chaotic. In addition, the broad market closed at the star line, which also made people feel that there was no direction. In my opinion, such small-scale shocks are irrelevant after the broader market has established an uptrend. It is normal for the index to step back slightly in the upward trend. As long as the general trend of the index is still there, such a small step back is more of an opportunity for investors who have not yet entered the market. In addition to the fact that the market has established an upward trend, there are also two friendly phenomena in today's market differentiation and adjustment. One is that the small correction in the broader market today is shrinking; the other is that after the substantial inflow of northbound funds yesterday, 6.4 billion continued to flow in today, and northbound funds are adding A shares. Therefore, for this star line in the broader market today, which appeared at the position where the bottom started, we can consider it to be a signal of a rising relay. Next week, A-shares are still dominated by gains. What will happen to A shares next Monday? It mainly depends on what kind of news will appear on the weekend news. If there is good news, open low and step back and then bottom out and rise; if there is good news, just open high and walk away. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly.

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