Today, the index fluctuated lower, can A shares reverse in the afternoon?

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Today, the index fluctuated lower, can A shares reverse in the afternoon?

Introduction: Today, the index fluctuated lower, can A-shares reverse in the afternoon?

Today, A-shares opened volatile and fell. The main factor for the decline was the sell-off of new energy track stocks. The ChiNext Index had the greatest impact, oversold by more than 1% during the session, and also dragged down the broader market index and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index. This phenomenon of A shares is mainly related to the recent disk style. The major industry sectors are rotated, and the ability to continue to rise is limited. The sectors that led the gains yesterday are basically leading the decline today. This market environment will be more uncomfortable for investors who like to chase high. In the face of this kind of market situation, I want to point at the main force's nose to scold, foreign capital began to flow in during the pullback, but the main capital of the A-share market was still outflowing, and the good A-shares were bargain-hunting again. However, suffering comes from suffering. The market never lacks opportunities, nor does it lack money for people who find opportunities. For the current A shares, I am more confident.

Today, the index fluctuated lower

Today, the three major indexes fluctuated lower at the opening. In addition to the sell-off of the track stocks, there are the following three reasons. First, high-level stocks slumped, resulting in a sharp drop in the market's long-term sentiment. We can see that many high-end stocks such as Pagoda Industry, Nanfang Seiko, and Xiangxin Technology have fallen, and there are traces of the limit. Under the influence of the sell-off of high-level stocks, short-term funds became cautious and did not dare to continue to rise, which led to the intraday diving of the index. Second, after two consecutive trading days, some investors' confidence in A-shares has weakened. Seeing a decline in the index, they sold stocks due to panic, which led to a decline in the index to a certain extent. The third is that the recent hot industry sectors have collectively ebb. Metal materials, auto parts, photovoltaics, technology and other sectors that led the gains yesterday led the decline, while yesterday's leading decliners, such as agriculture, cloud games and other industry sectors, were among the top gainers. In the market, the industry sector switched too quickly, resulting in a decline in the ability to undertake funds. Judging from the above three reasons, there is no systematic risk for the index to open lower and move lower today, which is a normal technical correction. Therefore, there is no need to worry that A shares will plummet.

Can A-shares reverse in the afternoon?

Actually, the three major indexes of A-shares fell in the early trading and the decline was not large, but the market sentiment did not calm down when the track stocks slumped. When this wave of funds calmed down, it was easy to reverse in the afternoon. . Judging from the trend of the broader market in the early trading, it was basically unable to smash, and it fell and pulled back, and the index fluctuated violently, which was a very strong dishwashing behavior. There is no technical problem in the broader market. There is a certain support near the 30-minute moving average of 3270 at the 60-minute level, and this support is still valid. Then, there is no problem with the technology, and it will be easier to reverse after the market sentiment is released. In the afternoon, it mainly depends on whether the securities, real estate, technology and other industry sectors can pull up and drive the index to rise. There is a high probability that A shares will close in red today. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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