Today's A shares are divided, one bad, one good, will A shares rise tomorrow?

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Today's A shares are divided, one bad, one good, will A shares rise tomorrow?

Introduction: Today's A shares are divided, one bad, one good, will A shares rise tomorrow?

Today, the A-share market is in a differentiated market. The three major indexes are mainly volatile, the individual stocks on the disk are mixed, the market sentiment is relatively flat, and the profit-making effect of the entire market is poor. There are three main reasons why A-shares have come out of a differentiated and volatile market today. First, the trading volume of the two cities has not increased significantly, and the stock funds are still in the game; second, the July social financing data released on the weekend was lower than expected, causing financial stocks to fall and dragging down the index; third, the major sectors are still rotating. the state, the market's ability to continue to rise is limited. Under the constraints of the above three factors, the market can still maintain a volatile structure today, which is relatively strong. Therefore, at this stage, I am not worried about a correction in A shares. If there is a correction, I think, it is also an opportunity to go long.

One ​​bad, one good

After the release of social financing data in July over the weekend, many people thought that this bad situation would lead to a decline in A shares. That is, when everyone was emotionally bearish, the market ushered in another good news, and the central bank cut interest rates. The combination of these two news has a certain hedging effect. This means that, in the general direction, if the financial data falls short of expectations, management will pull out a tool from the financial toolbox to stabilize the situation. For A-shares, there is an expectation of a stable market, and A-shares are more likely to continue to fluctuate higher. Besides, the market for social financing data in July had long been expected, and the slight fluctuations in the five major markets last week also digested some of the negatives ahead of time. After today's digestion, this news has little impact on A shares. Coincidentally, the good news of the central bank's interest rate cut was released at this time. We can understand that the lower-than-expected social financing data in July was a bottom-out behavior, and the social financing data in the second half of the year will improve. For A-shares, this is expected to turn the bad news of social finance data in July into good ones, and A-shares will continue to rise.

Will A-shares go up tomorrow?

From the perspective of the differentiation of A-shares today, there are certain differences in the market. Some people think that A-shares will continue to rise, and some people think that A-shares will still adjust. I think that after the A-shares confirmed the upward trend structure last week, I am not worried that A-shares will adjust. Today, the A-share market is relatively stable, and the trading volume of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has not shrunk significantly. The overall optimistic state is maintained. In addition, northbound funds have flowed into A-shares for three consecutive trading days. The basis for a rising trend. Technically, after the market established an upward trend at the 60-minute level last week, the daily and weekly levels also strengthened today. The trend of the market at the daily level is already above the 5-day moving average, the 10-day moving average, and the 30-day moving average. The market is also expected to strengthen at the daily level. In addition, the weekly level of the broader market, the 5-week line also began to turn up. This shows that during this period of time, the market is consolidating the bottom step by step, and the long-term strength in the field is also more positive. I believe that the broader market will continue to rise, challenging the pressure near the annual line of 3,400. Before that, the firm holding the stock will remain unwavering, and the A-shares will continue to rise. As for the direction of market investment, technology stocks are the main industry sector in this round of the market, and I will not give up tracking easily. In addition, I am still lurking in the two major directions of the digital economy and the metaverse. Since, I feel that A shares are at the bottom right now, for low-level sectors and low-level individual stocks, I am not worried about small-level adjustments in them. Before they meet their expectations, hold on! Callbacks are a good choice. The upward trend of A-shares has been set. All I have to do is to wait for the wind to come, and the sows will climb the tree when they come. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly.

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