The intraday securities sector moved up, what information was revealed? Will A shares fall or rise?

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The intraday securities sector moved up, what information was revealed? Will A shares fall or rise?

Introduction: The intraday securities sector moved up, what information was revealed? Will A shares fall or rise?

In the past two days, there have been obvious signs of A-share chasing. After yesterday's heavy volume shocks, it opened higher and lower in early trading today, scaring away a group of unsettled investors. Today's A-shares were heavy again one hour before the morning market, indicating that some people fled. Just after these unstable funds fled, the securities sector moved up, and the three major indexes collectively turned red. When I resumed the market yesterday, I have already said that at this stage, the high-volume volatility of A-shares is a kind of dishwashing behavior. Only by running ahead of market sentiment can there be more opportunities to make profits in the stock market. The upward trend of the A-share market has been established last week. Any shock adjustment during this period is an opportunity to buy low. Right now, what I have to do is to buy A shares at a low price, hold them with peace of mind, and wait for the market to accelerate. I don't like to trade stocks now. I frequently trade individual stocks. As long as there is no problem with the general market and the general trend of individual stocks, I will keep holding them. Of course, I will also properly track and predict the direction of hot industry sectors to lurch. For example, during this time, I mainly tracked the direction of technology stocks, the metaverse, and the digital economy. Because according to my judgment, A shares will rise, and so will the tracked industry sectors.

Intraday securities sector moved up, what information was revealed?

Today's A shares, to everyone's surprise, the securities sector suddenly moved up. In fact, those who are attentive can find that today's change in the securities sector has the same effect as the Yang line on August 5. There are two main pieces of information here. Information 1: The securities sector moved up and drove the broader market to rebound, which is obviously a form of support. This means that there is little room for the broader market to fall, and there is still an expectation of continued rise. This point, we can also see from the technology of the broader market. Technically, the market has established an upward trend since last week's heavy volume broke through the 60-minute moving average at the 60-minute level. Now, the daily-level index of the broader market has also stepped on multiple moving averages, indicating that the larger-level market has also begun to develop in a positive direction. Therefore, during this period, we do not have to worry that A shares will fall. Information 2: After the securities sector moved up in early trading today, there was no mid-to-long yang line in the broader market. Comparing the market situation on August 5, we can know that there is no big rise in technology stocks. In early trading, technology stocks did not gain much, so we can consider buying some technology stocks at a low price. Judging from the two pieces of information I dug up above, there is no problem with the A-share market right now, and it would be more perfect if technology stocks could assist.

Will A shares fall or rise?

I am positive and optimistic about the ups and downs of A shares. There is no problem with the upward trend of the broader market, the daily level is also strengthening, and the general direction is still rising. I expect that this round of A-share rises will challenge the pressure near the annual line of 3400. During this period, we can hold the main stock to rise, and wait for the market to complete the target of 3400 points. I know that the recent volatility in the broader market will make some investors impatient. But the shock market is like this. There is no fear of the bear market, nor the thrill of the bull market. Whoever is more patient and can withstand the grinding market can go further. In this regard, we have to learn from the northbound funds. After the market establishes an upward trend, they will strengthen their decision-making and continue to buy A shares. I think A-shares will continue to rise. I also said in the article on the recap yesterday that today's A-shares will have surprises! Then let the surprises continue! A shares, come on! Look good on you! The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!

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