Sudden, 1 positive, the general trend of A shares rising has been set

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Sudden, 1 positive, the general trend of A shares rising has been set

Introduction: Sudden, 1 positive, A-share rising trend is set

Today, A-shares opened lower due to the weaker-than-expected social financing data in July. There was still resistance in the intraday index, and the three major indexes turned red for a while, and the overall risk of the market was not large. On the disk, individual stocks fell more and rose less, and the market sentiment was relatively sluggish. It may be that the social financing data in July was lower than expected and some investors were panicked and did not dare to take long positions. Whether from a technical or news point of view, I think that A-shares are a good time to increase positions and sell at a low price, especially the technology sector as the main line. A-shares have established an upward trend last week. As long as there is no major negative news, the upward trend of A-shares will not be easily reversed. Therefore, at the current stage, don't be lightly short on A-shares. In my opinion, every correction in A-shares at this stage is an opportunity to buy low.

Suddenly, 1 good news

After the bad news over the weekend, A shares ushered in another good news today, the central bank cut interest rates by 10 basis points. This shows what? We can discuss it. After the social financing data in July fell short of expectations, the central bank immediately cut interest rates by 10 basis points, to a certain extent, to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises and social financing. That is to say, the social financing data in August will be better than that in July, and we don't have to worry about the impact of the economic downturn. In theory, the favorable interest rate cut by the central bank by 10 basis points and the weaker-than-expected social financing data in July have formed a hedge. This also means that the impact of the news level on A shares is basically small, and A shares will continue to rise in the original direction.

The general upward trend of A-shares has been determined

Today, although the three major indices of A-shares fluctuated significantly during the intraday, the actual amplitude was relatively small and remained narrow. There are two good phenomena in this situation of a narrow range of fluctuations. First, although the decline of securities, banking and other sectors dragged down the index, the track stocks were still used to support the market, and the index did not fall much; second, the northbound funds chose to continue to buy, indicating that A shares are in the current position. Northbound funds are good for the market outlook There is relatively high confidence; it should be noted that northbound funds have chosen to buy A shares for three consecutive trading days, and under normal circumstances, A shares will continue to rise in the future. In fact, in my opinion, the A-share market has already established an upward trend after the heavy volume of the A-share market stood at the 60-minute moving average last week. I talked about this in last week's afternoon review article and review article. Now that the upward trend of A-shares has been determined, I should open the pattern and continue to see long and long A-shares.


In the case of hedging between the bad news over the weekend and the good news today, the A-share market has come out of a differentiated market, and the differences between the long and short sides of the entire disk are compared. big. As the saying goes, buy at divergence and sell at unity. In my opinion, the divergence of A shares at this node today is an opportunity to get on the train. As far as the current A-share market is concerned, it still looks quite chaotic, but we have established that technology stocks are the main industry sector in this round of market. When technology stocks adjust, we can consider buying low or adding positions. During the differentiation process of A-shares in the early trading, it is estimated that many unsettled investors will be scared away. After these unsettled chips come out, the selling pressure in the market will be reduced, and it will be easier for A-shares to rise. In short, A-shares are already on an upward trend, and a correction in the process of rising is an opportunity for low-suction. In operation, I pay more attention to the low-suction opportunity of technology stocks in the main industry sector. The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly.

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